Meet the amish artist

meet the amish artist

Taking a break to chat on his mile bicycle ride, the cyclist got to meet one of Ohio's Amish in their traditional form of travel. This occurred in t. MEET ANDY MAST: The Wet Mountain Tribune ran a superb piece about Andy Mast, an Amish pencil sketch artist (LOL, no, that sounds. HOME · ARTIST · ABOUT THE ARTIST · VIDEO · The N.A. Noël Preschool · LOOKBOOK · VIEW LOOKBOOK · Artwork Display Options · SHOP ART · Amish.

The central focus of this work is on the complex interaction between colour, form and movement. I have recently started to use handmade Indian Khadi papers, which holds the paint differently and inspires a new approach.

Meet the Artist: Lois Gardner Sabet

In contrast to the colour-based work, I have also developed a practice of producing black-and-white drawings. I produce large-scale, intricate pencil-and-eraser drawings with multiple layers built up over time — somewhat analogous to my process of painting — which relate to my abiding interest in geological and biological processes.

I also work with India ink on watercolour paper, in which I apply the ink with Japanese brushes as well as surgical scrub brushes — a legacy of my time working in a hospital. These ink drawings are performed with rapid strokes in quick succession, and done in large sets.

I deconstruct these larger groupings into pairs or triples where I discover unexpected relationships between them. They have a spontaneous energy.

meet the amish artist

Around that time I lived in Boston, where I renovated a disused industrial space, which became my studio, in a large building full of creative practitioners and makers. Here I continued my studies and developed my practice.

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I worked with galleries in Boston and Houston. I moved to Nottingham over 30 years ago and have continued the practice that had been started then in Boston.

Your work explores a number of themes or lines of enquiry: Does the subject matter inform the choice of medium or vice versa, or is it a less conscious process that that?

meet the amish artist

Music is a theme that is deeply connected to my practice, as it was after attending my first Miles Davis concert that I decided the direction of my painting would have to be abstract. I have been surrounded by intimate live music making from my time in Boston up until now. Without a doubt, this has influenced my work. For instance, a sense of rhythm can be seen in repetitive patterns, and a sense of time as duration is embedded in the layers of paint.

Once I started using watercolour on Japanese papers, I never left it, as I felt that the medium allowed me to say what I wanted to say.

Amish Mural Art

Could you paint on fabric? They are really cool. I think murals are way of attracting tourists. No matter what the art work just about everyone finds murals interesting.


Not to mention they bring new life to an old dead looking building. Thanks for this Erik!! I think I will be keeping my eye on the Arthur area to see if there are any murals down there or if any spring up soon.

meet the amish artist

I lived in a neighborhood in DC years ago that attracted mural artists — lots of exposed end walls, but none of it was Amish inspired!

Wondered how common this is? By the way, the young Amishman who wrote the article on the mural is one of the most accomplished portrait painters that I have ever met.

Daniel, my wife, and I regularly visited the Ringling Art Museum on free Mondays, and he also was one of the best art guides that we could have had.

Meet the Artist: Lois Gardner Sabet | CVAN East Midlands

At least we have the warm weather. Meanwhile, watch out for the frostbite and hypothermia, you denizens of the frozen Northlands of PA,NY, and the midwest.

meet the amish artist

I would like to try to find out more about the artist.