Meet the faculty candidate poster session conference

meet the faculty candidate poster session conference

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)MEET THE FACULTY CANDIDATE POSTER SESSION. TOPICAL CONFERENCE AT THE . The "Meet-the-Faculty Candidate" poster session will provide a great All individuals must be registered for the Annual Meeting and wear their meeting badge. Meet the Faculty Candidate Poster Session – Sponsored by the Education Division. Conference: AIChE Annual Meeting; Year: ; Proceeding: AIChE.

So are your proposal writing experience, your patents, then followed by maybe your awards and teaching experience. I would say that proposal writing experience is the most important, and publications is second to it. Your knitting club membership can go at the bottom The only thing better than proposal-writing experience, is funded proposals that you can bring with you.

Even if you did not write the proposal, but simply helped, you should still mention it. Explain clearly what your role was in writing, which agency it was submitted to, for what amount, and was it funded or not in the end or is it still pending.

So I nearly miss them. If you have something that makes you stand out, do yourself a favor and highlight so the reviewers don't miss it! Likewise, somebody had a Nature publication that wasn't emphasized Remember, we scan the resume FAST ; and we don't read minds.

So you have to make important things catch our attention!

meet the faculty candidate poster session conference

On one resume I saw someone put the paper numbers on the left, and the impact factor on the right hand side of each publication.

I thought that was pretty nifty. Some people manage to squeeze the covers of the journals, if their publication made the cover.

I think thats great, if you can format everything neatly. Also, make your last name bold, so we can see whether you were first or not. This makes things much easier for me. I wouldn't bother putting these in, but if you feel the need to, be a good sport and make a separate section. Don't try to pad overall list using these.

It is misleading on your part, and annoying for me to subtract them out. We care to see just what has been published or accepted.

How to Interview for a Faculty Position

And, in any case, its not so much about the number of publications. But this is not so. In fact, more postdocs makes you look less desirable. Your goal is to sell your "stock" at the peak of its price around the 3rd or 4th year of your 1st postdoc. So a common mistake I see people doing is putting the brief postdoc immediately after their graduation on their resume. You know, the one where your PhD boss kept you there an extra months while you were looking for a job, just cuz he is nice like that and also wanted to get more results out of you?

The committee wants to see your potential to bring in money. Therefore, in your research plan you should be trying to convince them that: The short term ideas should be almost ready to go out to the grant-funding agency i. You don't have to get into the gory details, since the reader is most likely not in your field, and is just trying to get an idea for what to expect from you.

How to Get a Professor Job in the USA

You could also mention potential collaborations within the department, or within the university to which you are applying another place for this is the cover letter. Keep in mind that the initial scan of your research plan is only going to take 30 seconds or so! Some common research statement mistakes I see over and over the less you annoy the reviewer, the better your chances: That's great, but I want to know whether you can function with the umbilical cord cut.

But rather you should first establish importance e. Obviously, I am exaggerating, but you get the idea. Section titles should be descriptive too.

meet the faculty candidate poster session conference

Often I read a proposal and, by the of it, i still have no idea why or what they are trying to do. It is up to you to establish importance, and to make your work easy to understand.

How to Get a Professor Job in the USA

Some people just kind of tell me that they plan to rid the world of cancer, but don't tell me HOW they are planning to do that exactly No, you are not a snake-oil salesman, so avoid sounding like one. You have to lay out a detailed, coherent plan about: Moreover, you need to tell me how you are going to get money to make this happen see below.

When you go the extra step and think things through deeper, it sets you apart. It also shows that you know what you are doing.

List which programs within that agency, which particular grant types, who is the program officer and have you discussed your work with them? I know that YOU know. But I can't read your mind. It means you are not a good proposal-writer ie, you won't be able to fund your research after we hire you.

meet the faculty candidate poster session conference

This is an automatic disqualification. If we are going to invest over a million bucks into you add up your salary, student support for a few years until you start bringing money in, your start-up, etc and you will come up with such a big numberyou better not be careless. Key components of a good poster are: The key things they are looking for are: By the way, this is probably the most important thing you could have. It shows that you are trying to become an independent scientist and that you have experience with writing and, probably failing at, grants i.

Here is an example of my abstract: I got the job, before AICHE happened, so I never got to present this one btw, it had more to do with networking than with the poster session, but the poster session did generate some leads for me For the abstract, I am not really including much scientific text, and I am breaking things down into categories that the employers can sift through easily.

And here is an example of my poster: Also the key points are there: Last year I saw some people hanging iPads on their posters, thereby making them dynamic! I thought this was a really good idea. Keep in mind that you can attach whatever you want to it, and be creative!

meet the faculty candidate poster session conference

If you have some interesting samples you want to show, that is fine too. Take advantage of the third dimension: Also, people attach their papers and resumes just in case someone is super-interested in their work. Finally, don't forget your business cards clever idea: