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meet the musicians mando diao wiki

Musician/Band . It has been our first time as 3 piece band, a big change for us and we had a wonderful time, meeting old and new friends on the road, playing with great bands we love as The Sonics, Mando Diao, The Stems, touring Japan . From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia [wikipedia page] Björn Hans-Erik Dixgård (born 8 May ) is a Swedish musician (vocals, He is the frontman of the Swedish band Mando Diao. In , Björn and Gustaf Norén met at a party. The discography of the Swedish indie rock band Mando Diao currently consists of eight studio albums, twenty-nine singles, three compilation albums and three.

With every album release, the international success increased, in Mando Diao appeared for the first time as headliner on a music festival. The artists collective, Caligola, was founded in the s in Northern Italy and her intention was to develop a worldwide collective of artists spanning diverse artistic genres to cooperatively create new art forms.

Following the two singles, the album Back To Earth was released on March 2, the album is an amalgamation of different musical genres, Pop, rock and soul, hip-hop, dancebeats, jazz, funk and electro.

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Daniel Haglund was born on 25 March in Falun, already in his early childhood his talent for music showed, at the age of eleven he performed in a family show on Swedish TV playing keyboard and piano. He worked as teacher giving German and music lessons, in Daniel got in contact again with his former band, and in he performed some songs together with Mando Diao at Peace and Love Festival.

Since Daniel Haglund has been working together with Mando Diao at recordings and he appeared at the MTV Unplugged show, and from to today he has joined the band on tours and at concerts. Carl-Johan was interested in playing the guitar from early years, his source of inspiration was the rock band Guns N Roses, after he received his first instrument as a birthday present, he played in various bands and at school performances.

A teacher in the school, who gave him guitar lessons. After high school CJ studied music in Falun and there at a party he met Mando Diao drummer Samuel Giers who at once wanted him to part of the band.

meet the musicians mando diao wiki

CJ agreed and became a full-time musician insteead of visiting one of the best music schools in Sweden where he had been accepted, CJ, an ardent vegetarian, who likes to cook and loves good wine, got on well with his new friends immediately.

Touring bars and small all over Sweden was soon followed by performances in Central Europe.

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Infruset — Infruset is the sixth studio album by Swedish band Mando Diao and the bands first album in their mother language Swedish. The songs are slow and melancholic ballads, the band is using acoustic guitars and piano as main instruments, drums, bass and strings are providing the smooth and gentle background.

On October 28, the first public performance of Infruset was celebrated as cinema event with broadcasts in cinemas and theaters in Sweden, Germany and Switzerland.

meet the musicians mando diao wiki

This was soon followed by a record deal with EMI Sweden. The band began touring Sweden and other Scandinavian countries together with local bands as The Hellacopters or Kent.

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International success —11 [ edit ] With every album release, the band's international success increased; in Mando Diao appeared for the first time as headliner on a music festival, the Live Earth concert in Hamburg. The result, their first album in Swedish, Infrusetwas highly rated and appreciated all over Europe even before the official release. The first single, "Black Saturday", was released on January 11,in Sweden.

The new synth rock sound has led to many disputes amongst fans of the band and critics.

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The Russian synthesizer "Aelita" has been the source and inspiration for this album, leading away from the former music style. His main focus is on working as producer in his own studio.

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The first single was released on April 7, Inthe album was released internationally by MUTE label, along with their debut single Sheepdog. As of [update]the band is hailed enthusiastically by the music press as one of the most sanguine newcomer bands of the year. Their third album, Ode to Ochrasywas released on 24 August [22] and again was praised by the international music press, being unanimously described as the band's best album. Ode to Ochrasy was released in the UK through the Nettwerk label on 2 Aprilin a previously unreleased format including 4 bonus tracks.