Rachel maddow meet the press june 30 2013

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rachel maddow meet the press june 30 2013

Rachel Maddow of MSNBC is now said to be the most popular personality in almost tripled, from , nightly viewers in to more than m in June . In June , he wrote to Donald Trump Jr offering a meeting with a Russian .. According to the Associated Press, CNN does not believe that. We have noticed over the years that The Rachel Maddow Show has been on the air that some of This was June 30, on Meet the Press. MEET THE PRESS -- Pictured: (l-r) Rachel Maddow, Host, MSNBCs on 'Meet the Press' in Washington, D.C., Sunday, June 30, (Photo.

We are seeing a much more personal, much more emotional President Obama when it comes to some of the really difficult cultural issues, race, for example. He eulogized Reverend Pinckney, of course, earlier this week. We saw him break out into song. This is a very different President Obama that we have seen in the past. And a lot of people, his constituents, welcoming this more personal side to the president.

The president likes to play golf on the weekends. And if ever there was a day to play golf, this might be it. Kristen Welker at the White House. Thank you for that.

So, how important was it to Barack Obama in terms of his legacy that this health care law be upheld like this? His legacy was kind of solidified this week by the Supreme Court, by the same institution that put George W. He had those two decisions going the other way, we would all be talking about how the Obama presidency is in ruins and that everything had gone down the tubes. I think they might. Well, you have to have somebody.

Because those are the other three are big government. But what would you say right now, if you had to say what is the legacy -- if he left office tomorrow, what is the legacy of the Obama presidency?

It Only Took Rachel Maddow 48 Seconds To Tear Down An Anti-Gay Zealot's Outdated Ideas On Marriage

It is marriage equality, which you might say Obama led from behind on it. I mean it was a very -- it was a very long game strategy. He understood that you had to do the military first. That was an absolute precondition for everything. Getting rid of that.

And to do that, you had to get the brass behind it. So he changed the personnel, essentially, of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The military did it from within. So in those areas, these are easy to name things that will be left, that will be the Obama legacy. Truman, like Theodore Roosevelt. Maybe a little above Clinton. Well, and, of course -- what was the big thing that fouled up Clinton in his first term, it was health care.

And this is the presidency that was. That was the thing -- that was the big stumble in the Clinton. You, in fact, you wrote about this on Twitter. That the big stumble early on in the Clinton administration was when he tried to allow gays to sort of openly in the military, and Sam Nunn and Colin Powell put the kibosh on that. In 20 years, a lot has changed. But boy, we start ranking Clinton versus Obama and a potential other Clinton.

I mean these - - pitting these people against each other is to me is really - and really high stakes. And you can argue how many specific policies he actually did.

Rachel Maddow Writing Washington Post Column

But he is presiding over that change. How do you think about that, I wonder, too? The sweep of sort of history and cultural change. Because I mean to use - This is like the viral clip of his presidency, right? You have the gay marriage thing. This happens in a snap. You have the -- you know, the big sweeping conversations about race and things that happened at that Pinckney memorial that I was at.

But if you look -- but to put it all into one sort of take-home size, this is what people thought the Obama presidency was going to be like. And now there it is. It flips the media narrative.

And so the image that we had on Friday of Obama talking about the gay marriage decision, and then flying down and flying down to deliver the eulogy, kind of made things kind of full circle. You had both the gay rights aspect of it, and him as part of a leader of black America in a sense.

And that was an incredible fusion right there. Rick, so where does this -- Hillary Clinton right now is -- fairly well-positioned. If Hillary Clinton were to succeed, if a Democratic president were to succeed Barack Obama, how - where does this presidency end in terms of how is the table set for the next Democratic president? Well, the Obamacare -- Republicans were always warning that Obamacare was just the first step toward, you know, single-payer, that horrible thing.

The forms, the bills, the co-pays, all of this stuff. At some point, rationalizing this whole system, making it simple and easy to understand, and not be just another awful thing you have to deal with when you get sick.

Anyway - my thanks Rick Hertzberg for joining us this morning. And still ahead, a very unique gay pride parade here in New York City today. But next, a look at how the first Republican debate may unfold. Who is likely to make the debate stage? Our latest readout on where the candidates stand. As we mentioned earlier, there is one new Republican in the race for president this weekend. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal announcing his run this week. There are also a few new national polls out there previewing whether Jindal will pass the first big test for the entire GOP field.

That test is can he make it on to that crowded stage for the first Republican debate, which is now just over a month from now.

Donald Trump, a week after announcing his candidacy, zoomed into second place nationally, 11 percent. Trump had been polling down in the low single digits before this.

There was talk Donald Trump might miss that cut, might not even make it into the debate. He got 11 percent in that poll. And you could see, Donald Trump, thanks to that big jump, moves solidly on to the stage in seventh place right there. Jeb Bush obviously on stage. Walker, Rubio, the usual suspects. These are the candidates who would miss a spot on the stage. They are not in the top ten. Poised, maybe, to get in this race soon.

He would not be on the stage right now. Take a look here. These are the last few in, the first few out. Think of the NCAA tournament bubble. And you can see right now, the last candidate who would make that cut is Chris Christie. His numbers are falling a little bit.

A lot of people will get exposed to his message. Will Chris Christie move up safely into that field, safely on to that stage? Or is somebody else from back here going to catch him, going to catch Rick Perry, going to catch one of these other people and make it on the stage instead.

rachel maddow meet the press june 30 2013

You can win South Carolina because of a debate. Still ahead, as we have just talked about, if the first debate were held this week, Donald Trump would be in it. What kind of a headache does that pose for the other nine candidates on the stage? How could Bush be in first place? After I announced, I went through like a rocket.

It is, in fact, true. As we just showed you a few minutes ago, Trump finishing in second place in the most recent polling, putting him comfortably on the debate stage, just over a month from now. If the polling trends continue this way. What does that mean for the other debaters? For the rest of the Republican Party? Politico reporting that Republican insiders worry that Trump is a loose cannon, whose rants about Mexicans and scorched earth attacks on his rivals will damage the eventual nominee and hurt a party struggling to connect with women and minorities and desperate to win.

rachel maddow meet the press june 30 2013

His remarks about Mexicans in his campaign announcement speech calling -- causing boycotts this week of the beauty pageant he produces.

We played this -- going into the break there. He specifically this week is going after Jeb Bush. And he is out there just viciously attacking Jeb Bush.

rachel maddow meet the press june 30 2013

But anyway, let that go, it does present an issue here. Yes, he better have a better strategy than when he was asked about his position on the Iraq war and how he was going to defend his brother. It will give the other candidates an opportunity to show how fast they are on their feet.

So I think there is an opportunity here for the other candidates. His positions are different. And there really is -- I feel like there is a risk there for these candidates.

There is an opportunity there if they can stand up to him. The risk is, I mean, this guy is going to be in your face. But this is he -- this is the risk. Last cycle, he floated around for a while. Romney had to do -- stand with him, and he did the whole thing with the birth certificate and all that. Exactly, and his legacy could be destroying two beauty pageants.

And the Republican field. The thing to remember, though, remember at the White House correspondents dinner a couple of years ago, after all these months where he had been going after Obama on the birth certificate and stuff like that, Obama in his jokes just went right after him.

And basically kind of humiliated him. The people on this stage are serious. And unless you act seriously, why should any Republican listen to you? How he himself says that Bill Clinton has been the best president of the last several years.

And so the challenge for the others is, are they going to dare to rebut him, and risk losing some of the Republican base. He has done that. He has filed a notification of candidacy. But there is this much more thorough financial disclosure he can basically punt on that, until I think October or November.

So the ultimate test is going to be, will he file that. But before now and October, there are a few of these debates. So he is -- until then at least going to get a spot on the stage. A debate or two and lots of media attention may satisfy his narcissistic needs for the moment. He may not go fully ahead. Anyway, still ahead, another victory this week for President Obama. This one on trade.

Democrats in Congress saying they are going to fight on. This is that rare battle between President Obama and his own party. But first, gay pride celebrations around the country this weekend, including one here in New York today, the likes of which we have never seen before.

New York City preparing at this hour for its annual gay pride parade later today. So Emma, set the scene. It turns out that they will. I am not an inside-the-Beltway enough person to know who exactly gets credit for the fact that Democrats are all over this stuff all of a sudden—but Democrats are all over this stuff all of a sudden. He compared the financial crisis to an ant. This is the same financial crisis that led to the loss of nearly 8 million jobs, same crisis that cost people their homes, their life savings.

President Obama, during a campaign-style town hall event in Wisconsin today. Remember, the whole idea for Republicans right now heading toward the elections is: Keep your head down, Republicans. Just try to keep the focus on the Democrats. Republicans would benefit by default.

So here comes the real challenge for Democrats: Can Democrats turn that into not just electoral gains in the fall, but can they actually turn it into political gains right now?

By which I mean policy gains. Right now, Republicans in the Senate are filibustering extending unemployment benefits for people who are out of work. This week, Senate Republicans filibustered funding for homeless veterans for kids. Republicans right now are demanding special favors for their home industries in the Wall Street reform bill.

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham who used to be in favor of changing energy policies, now in the face of this huge oil disaster, is now advising President Obama to scrap the whole idea or at least aim lower. All of these things can be seen as Capitol Hill news, legislative battles, strategic issues in Congress, or they can be national political hay for Democrats. Democrats, if you are able to make political hay here, you stand both to win the elections and you highlight to the public the politically toxic positions Republicans are taking on all the issues I just listed.

And that will allow you to peel off some Republicans from those policy positions which will allow you to pass your chosen policies. You will do well in other words by doing good. Could they keep doing it? As I look at the political landscape now, I find plenty of slogans on the Republican side, but not very many ideas.

Rich, nice to see you. Thanks for being here. Good to see you, Rachel. They have the social issue component that is sort of all from the side and feeling disgruntled.

rachel maddow meet the press june 30 2013

They have a race problem. And while sort of the cliche, there is something sort of realistic about it. Unanimous - everything unanimous for Petraeus. For the third time in as many weeks, Republicans in the Senate have successfully filibustered a bill to continue providing unemployment checks to millions of people. But there is this issue of Republicans trying to make unemployment benefits themselves seem like a bad thing. People like Sharron Angle, Jim DeMint, not only voting to not only extend it or saying they would vote to not extend it, but trying to argue against it, arguing that unemployment people are lazy and spoiled.

How significant is that? No government, no regulation. Let business do what it wants. Let people fend for themselves. And some of the recent primary winners talk - including, I think, Angle, talk about downsizing or privatizing or phasing out Medicare and social security. The guy who ousted Bennett in Utah, exactly. And which is sort of tea-partyism, whatever the size of the tea party itself. There is no leader. Will Democrats do that? Well, think Democrats, as you have shown, have been trying to do it.

I think there are two problems. And understandably, but sadly. Let me ask you also about Afghanistan. Afghanistan obviously thrust back into the headlines because of the McChrystal scandal. But is Afghanistan likely to remain what I think it is right now, which is essentially a policy issue? Or could it become a politics issue? Could it be a sleeper issue in this election?

I think it will be a sleeper issue only if it erupts. I think, otherwise, it will be kind of, as McChrystal said, a bleeding ulcer, sort of low level fever.

I think, you know, he was interviewing McChrystal and company when everyone in Washington was at the White House Correspondents Dinner, you know, getting ready for the prom. It makes perfect sense. Much of it was on the record. Thanks for having me. You have not seen them before. Well, I said that it had spoiled our citizenry. What has happened is the system of entitlement has caused us to have a spoilage with our ability to go out and get a job.

There has been a spoilage. It totally makes sense. Sharron Angle fought the journalism and the journalism won. Are you ready for your accused band of wacky, deep cover Russian spies update? Of course, you are. Since we left this story, there have been 10 arrests and one alleged spy still at large. That 11th guy has now been arrested.

They got him in an airport in Cyprus as he tried to board a flight for Budapest. After Cypriot police arrested him, they, for some reason, released him on bail. So they released him on bail.

Christopher Metsos was supposed to check in with police in Cyprus today between 6: May I suggest check the airport? Maybe you should check Russia? The 10 suspects who were arrested here in the United States were not bailed out. Several of them are expected to appear in federal court tomorrow. They include Anna Chapman, a divorced year-old who reportedly lived under her real name in New York.

Single best detail about Anna Chapman so far? When she bought her untraceable cell phone this weekend, she gave a false name and address. The address she gave was 99 Fake Street. If I could make this stuff up, I would have a three-picture deal.

Also, this kid, Mikhail Semenko, worked as a travel agent in Arlington, Virginia. Again, despite the appearance of actual attempted espionage, remember, these are dramatizations of real events, beginning with the secret spy language of signs and countersigns. Here are our players reenacting almost word for word what the government claims the Russians said to each other to identify themselves as spies.

No, I think it was the Hamptons. Did we meet in Bangkok April last year? But I was in Thailand in May of that year. Could we have met in Malta in ? I was in La Valetta, but in During the fall oflaw enforcement agents searched in the area where the car associated with Metsos had stopped. In that area, law enforcement agents cleared away approximately five inches of dirt and buried in the ground observed a package wrapped in duct tape.

On June 8,on surveillance video, Satoli ph can be seen digging up the location and retrieving from the location a small package in the immediate vicinity of where the brown beer bottle was.

Money buried in dirt, buried treasure for real. As Russian government official number three descended from the train platform, Richard Murphy, the defendant walked up the same stairs. Murphy then continued up the stairs. And the Russian government official number three continued down the stairs and walked away.

Rachel Maddow Writing Washington Post Column | HuffPost

There is invisible ink. There is hiding secret data in images on the Internet. But now, both countries are calling this a law enforcement matter and saying it will not affect international relations. Importantly, no one says the supposed spies ever sent anything all that interesting back to Moscow in the whole decade that they were being watched here. This show has been on the air since the September before last.

It will be our second birthday this September if all goes well. Because I do have a point of view, of course, but I like talking with people with whom I disagree, both because it is fun and selfishly because it makes my arguments better. On the right, the downside for conservatives of their being a huge, prefab conservative media infrastructure is that conservatives groan inside that bubble sometimes cannot survive outside it.

Do you want to see what that looks like? You have a pretty interesting view actually about jobless benefits. I want to show people what you had to say and what is now a celebrated interview about jobless benefits. Now, come on, John. What about separation of church and state? You know, that is in the Constitution. The Founding Fathers believed in that and you know what? Back inwhen you were on the Nye County School board, you came to the legislature testifying in a School Choice Bill.

Angle believed that to be an un-American concept in the tenet of separation of church and state is an unconstitutional doctrine. Actually, Thomas Jefferson has been misquoted like I have been misquoted out of context. Sharron Angle is not wrong about the separation of church and state, OK?

Congress shall make no law - never mind. So when you finally emerge from the bubble, you may find yourself incapable of recognizing hypocrisy or inconsistency even in your own arguments, even when someone really slowly and carefully points them out to you. And that came up during a conversation this year with Bill Manders who is a conservative radio talk show host. Is there any reason at all - is there any reason at all for an abortion?

Not in my book. So all those rape and incest would not be something? And I believe that God has a plan and a purpose for each one of our lives and that he can intercede in all kinds of situations. So we need to have a little faith in many things. You should not have any exceptions.

And yet you want government to go and tell a year-old child who has been raped by her father that she has to have that baby. You want government to do that. What I said was that I was going to - no. I always say that I value life. My position has always been that government should stay out of this matter.