The obstacle course swim meet urusei yatsura

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the obstacle course swim meet urusei yatsura

Urusei Yatsura, a Japanese anime and manga series, has six movies and twelve OVA releases Entitled The Obstacle Course Swim Meet, it was the first animated content for the series in 17 years. On January 29, , a boxset was. Urusei Yatsura: The Obstacle Course Swim Meet anime info and recommendations. If you liked the Urusei Yatsura: The Obstacle Course Swim Meet anime, Anime- Planet thinks you'd like these anime.

He is selfish, greedy, immoral, he'll flirt with other women while on a date with Lum, and he'll even flirt with Lum's mother right in front of her! But don't worry because Ataru doesn't go unpunished.

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Ataru has been shot, electrocuted, exploded, incinerated, crushed, and tortured in every way imaginable, but it doesn't stop him. Ataru can be electrocuted and then two seconds later be back up "girl hunting" again only to be electrocuted yet again!

That brings me to the second thing I love about Ataru is how persistent he is. There's an episode where Lum leaves Ataru alone and for five straight days and nights Ataru did nothing, but "girl hunt". Ataru is simply unstoppable. He's more than just a pervert; he's like some kind of demon sent from Hell to terrorize women and it's hilarious every time he gets punished for it.

the obstacle course swim meet urusei yatsura

What I love most about Lum is her devotion to Ataru. No matter often Ataru cheats on her, Lum still holds out hope that someday Ataru will change for the better and love her back. However, this doesn't mean Lum doesn't electrocute Ataru or hits him with a hammer each time he even looks at another women. Onsen-sensei and the principle have prepared a route the students must follow to get to the pool. The students look to rebel, so Onsen-sensei motivates them by stating that anyone not participating gets 5-years of homework over the summer break.

The Obstacle Course Swim Meet

The students race out of the gym and in the process, Lum accidentally hits Ran, causing her to go on a rampage that takes out half the students in the school. Ataru halts the mass to wait for the poor family to run out of things to throw, only to get nailed anyway by Ryuunosuke. Ran arrives, still on a rampage, so Ataru manages to get Shuutaro tossed into her path, destroying her big gun. The students encounter slime, goo, hurdles, and more and they run down the hall. Ataru is caught in a floor trap, but is rescued by Lum, only for both to be snared in a packing tape trap.

Ataru takes advantage and manages to break free to head but Shuutaro, but ends up entangled with him.

the obstacle course swim meet urusei yatsura

The two make a truce and break free, but Ataru clunks Shuutaro on the head and races off. She then punches her father skyward as punishment.

At the school, the insane obstacle course continues, culminating in a number of water slides, only some of which will get them to the pool.

He refuses and accidentally heads down a water slide, using sheer willpower to get to the pool along with Shinobu, Shuutaro, and some others. Onsen-Mark says that for the one who wins the contest will be exempted from further summer homework.

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The compertition has begun! All of the students of Tomobiki High quickly rush to the main door of school hall. They had face different kinds of obstacles during competition, at the same time majority of them stuck at the obstacles before reaching to the pool. Thinking that there are more of them still can go through the obstacles with ease, Onsen-Mark starts to worry about his deal between the students-the homeworks.

But pincipal has an idea to stop them from getting win. Meanwhile, Benten and Oyuki arrive at Ataru's house to visit Lum, but the windchime breeds rapidly and cover the whole house. The house are becoming ice, so with Ataru's parents. When Oyuki withdraws all the windchimes by using Absorber Box and plans to leave, the Three Daughters seem to be bring more troublesome for Benten again.