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By Christian Sarkar on February 1, PM By Christian Sarkar on January 24, AM . That's Vijay Govindarajan (VG) explaining how East meets West and increasingly how West will have to meet the . Bloglines acquisition by Ask Jeeves and weblogsinc sale to AOL iTunes support of podcasting. TZ shizutetsu.info /14/podzinger-launches-moves-podcast-search-forward/ T 58Z .. TZ shizutetsu.info TZ shizutetsu.info Meet The People The Knight Foundation Thinks Can Save Journalism Minneapolis Star-Tribune for $ million in late , has writ From fr*ee To Fee: Ricky Gervais Opts For Audible Podcast Exclusive More on AOL- Weblogs Inc Deal AOL Rolls Out DSL Option, Expands VoIP Reach.

It is nowand the environment has changed yet again — this time around services. Computing and communications technologies have dramatically and progressively improved to enable the viability of a services-based model.

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Businesses are increasingly considering what services-based economics of scale might do to help them reduce infrastructure costs or deploy solutions as-needed and on subscription basis. Most challenging and promising to our business, though, is that a new business model has emerged in the form of advertising-supported services and software. This model has the potential to fundamentally impact how we and other developers build, deliver, and monetize innovations.

No one yet knows what kind of software and in which markets this model will be embraced, and there is tremendous revenue potential in those where it ultimately is. We must respond quickly and decisively. The Landscape Sinceinexpensive computing and communications technologies have advanced at a rapid rate that even exceeded our expectations.

This pattern is mirrored in much of the developed world. There has never been a more exciting time to be a developer or a user of technology.

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Our products have embraced the internet in many amazing ways. NET, the most popular development platform in the world. Our MSN team has demonstrated great innovation and has held its own in a highly competitive and rapidly changing environment — particularly with Spaces and in growing a base of M active Messenger users worldwide.

But for all our great progress, our efforts have not always led to the degree that perhaps they could have. We have long understood the importance of mobile messaging scenarios and have made significant investment in device software, yet only now are we surpassing the Blackberry.

And while we continue to make good progress on these many fronts, a set of very strong and determined competitors is laser-focused on internet services and service-enabled software. Google is obviously the most visible here, although given the hype level it is difficult to ascertain which of their myriad initiatives are simply adjuncts intended to drive scale for their advertising business, or which might ultimately grow to substantively challenge our offerings.

Although Yahoo also has significant communications assets that combine software and services, they are more of a media company and — with the notable exception of their advertising platform — they seem to be utilizing their platform capabilities largely as an internal asset.

The same is true of Apple, which has done an enviable job integrating hardware, software and services into a seamless experience with dotMac, iPod and iTunes, but seems less focused on enabling developers to build substantial products and businesses.

Even beyond our large competitors, tremendous software-and-services activity is occurring within startups and at the grassroots level. Flickr and others have done innovative work around community sharing and tagging based on simple data formats and metadata.

A number of startups have built interesting solutions for cross-device file and remote media access. Innovations abound from small developers — from RAD frameworks to lightweight project management services and solutions. At the grassroots level, such projects actively use standards such as vCards and iCal for sharing contacts and calendars.

Most all use RSS in one way or another for data sharing. Remixing and mashing of multiple web applications using XML, REST and WS is common; interesting mash-ups range from combining maps with apartment listings, to others that place RSS feeds on top of systems and data not originally intended for remixing. Speed, simplicity and loose coupling are paramount.

Ironically, the same things that enable and catalyze rapid innovation can also be constraints to their success. Many hard problems are often ignored — the most significant of which is achieving scale.

Some scale issues are technological and result from the fact that they are generally built on application server platforms rather than high-scale service platforms. However, it will also offer opportunities for companies that sell IT security solutions. While I certainly think that mobile viruses are a huge opportunity to sell security solutions, I also think that the actual threat is negligible for most phone owners, unless exceptionally stupid and unfeasibly unlucky in the first place.

If you look under the bonnet of all the mobile virus stories to date, there's no real substance. This may change obviously, but I think we're pretty safe this year. The Bluejacking thing is showing no sign of slowing down at all.

Just because it's not in the press all the time, doesn't mean it's not happening.

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I also predict we'll see more idiots trying Bluespamming this year commercial messaging via Bluetooth before they realise that spamming people who are near enough to hit you, don't make sense. Music downloads will become respectable with the growing quality of online stores, rise in digital music players, the inclusion of CD burners as standard features in PCs, and the exceptional quality of legal downloads.

While legitimate, paid for downloading has surely always been "respectable", it doesn't mean that the free stuff will go away. It's just too tempting for most cash strapped teens to download and the risk of copping a legal suit is so remote.

While the music industry is furiously congratulating each other on their sagacity of finally accepting digital downloading, the rest of us can't help but smirk as they're 4 years too late to really benefit from the party. This is an industry that alternates between the anger and denial stages of loss. Ads will be embedded with text hyperlinks, software toolbar buttons, video games, software particularly freewareweb browsers and even on mobile phone screens. These ads will be precisely targeted, updated via Internet connections based on time of day and user activity, and will be far more subtle and sophisticated and less intrusive.

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