Bt meet me dial in

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bt meet me dial in

Configuration guide for BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice. Version .. this conference. The chairperson tried to dial out to another participant. you can use the BT MeetMe Global Access service. This enables participants from the UK and over 55 other countries to join a conference call with a local dial- in. 3 Scheduling a conference with Outlook. Joining. 4 Joining the conference. 6 Joining with BT MeetMe. 7 Dialling out to participants. 7 Finding meeting entry info.

With streaming, or 'webcasting', your business can extend presentations and training to audiences of almost any size, virtually anywhere, anytime.

bt meet me dial in

Use in a tele- or videoconference, or for streaming live events. BT offers a number of features as part of the service, including advanced reporting and analytics to measure engagement and effectiveness, and a full recording for follow-on use. Schedule, organise and manage your own streamed events, enabling you to reach your target audience the way you choose. Hosted applications and client-side software allows broadcasters, corporate communicators and other content owners to publish, protect, deliver, and measure the uptake of video and other rich media over a corporate intranet.

As organisations look to achieve competitive advantage in the real-time world of the internet and multichannel delivery, the need for better internal and external communications becomes a differentiator.

BT One Collaborate - Global Conferencing and collaboration solutions

How do you start? As long as you have a phone line, you can use audio conferencing. As long as you have a decent internet connection, you can use web conferencing streaming, and desktop video conferencing.

bt meet me dial in

For higher quality collaborative products, first, you need to refresh your infrastructure and converge voice and data onto an IP network.

The benefits of BT One Collaborate Collaboration Empower dispersed teams with tools to help them collaborate and work more effectively together; get closer to customers and suppliers with more face-to-face meetings and conference calls. Efficiency By integrating conferencing solutions on one platform, you can move seamlessly between communication tools, driving productivity and encouraging faster decision-making.

UK's Lowest Cost Conference Call Service Provider - All-Call

Further savings come from consolidating all your communication needs with one provider. Service Transform customer and partner relationships by bringing them closer to your business through more channels of communication for better service and support. Everyone has basic control over their own line while you, as the chairperson, have an extended set of features which includes locking the call for security and checking who has dialled into the call.

You can even dial out and invite other people to join your conference call. A great feature for when you need to present to an audience. For example, it won t play the names of the participants when they join. This ensures that your conference ends when you hang up. BT MeetMe Online Tool As a chairperson you have the option to call additional participants and ask them to join the meeting.

You can call, speak in private and return to the meeting with or without the additional participant.

bt meet me dial in

Press then 3 which will temporarily remove you from your conference call. You will be greeted by a Conferencing Co-ordinator and asked to provide the phone number s of the additional participant s that you wish to contact to join the call.

You will then be returned to your conference call and your new participant s will be joined to your conference if available. When you return to the audio conference with a participant, if the name recording function is set to on, there will be a small delay to them joining, as they are prompted to record their name. With our simple to use web based tool, you can take your personal meeting room on-line to hold even more effective and interactive meetings.

The Online Tool allows you to share thoughts, brainstorm ideas and customise your meeting to suit the way you work.

bt meet me dial in

Conferences can be recorded via the web and then either replayed over the internet or downloaded. Plus you have a full visual representation of your call you can see your virtual meeting room, view icons of the people present and control the meeting via the web. It really is like being there. They can then unmute their line by pressing then 6 Be sure to keep your mobile phone a few feet away from your telephone as it can create a hum when active Take care not to rustle paper, type or make a noise that might disturb the call, unless your line is muted.

Press then 6 to mute and then then 6 again to un-mute Press then 0 if you need help from a Conference Co-ordinator At the end of your call, summarise the key actions and agree the next meeting date and time. How to keep your audio conference secure then 0 Co-ordinator Assistance If there is a discrepancy between the number of lines in the conference and the roll call, use this function and ask for the Conference Co-ordinator to disconnect the line not responding.

This way you are aware of who is on the call and you can determine if there are any unwanted participants on the call or whether you need to wait for somebody to join before you start.

Security Advisory

This is a quick way to establish how many participants are on the call Use this function to disconnect all participants at the end of your call. This feature is useful when you do not want additional parties to join your call after it has begun. Participants attempting to join a locked call will be directed to the Conference Co-ordinator. Participants will be placed on listen only mode, enabling you to control background noise levels during your call, a great feature for when you need to present to an audience.

Use then 5 to unmute your participants to allow everyone to contribute.

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This will reduce background noise levels in the conference call.