Kushina naruto meet naruko

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kushina naruto meet naruko

Naruko Uzumaki Namikaze, the daughter of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, goddaughter of Jiraiya and Tsunade but abandoned by. family And Clan, mom: kushina uzumaki, dad: minato namikaze, brother us until we meet people who acknowledged us like: Sakura, seichi (haruno twins) . An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works.

Beauty is only skin-deep; it's the inside that counts. What is Due by Yojimbra reviews When she first found him, cold, drowning, and catatonic, Karin never thought that she would one day fall in love with this blond idiot. Naruto x Karin, Narukari, fluff. Follow Naruto, a child of Uzushiogakure whom is aspiring to be a shinobi of his mother's caliber Until one fateful night spins Naruto's life out of control.

He uses his knowledge to discover secrets of his home, his heritage and gain power to help those in need. Watch as he rises above all and beats the odds to become the next legend!

KyuubiXAmeyuri Not god like but strong Naruto. I don't own Naruto but neither do you. Sounds Like Love by Akane Ryuuzouji reviews Naruto finds Tayuya under a pile of fallen trees and ends up saving her life and the two end up slowly fall in love over time. How will the others in the village react when they find out about Naruto and the ex-sound Kounoichi.

One day Naruto comes in contact with such a being, altering not only his destiny but the world around him. I don't own any stories used in here but neither do you. T - English - Adventure - Chapters: My Red Thread of Destiny by Xeziel15 reviews Two bonds were lost in the aftermath of the failed retrieval mission.

A bond between his best friend and a bond between her master. What happens when Fate intervenes and weaves the two broken bonds together in destiny. Now he was stuck in another world, playing a twisted Game with a little girl.

Chapters starting from chapter 7 has been revised. She didn't think he would be suffering from a case of amnesia as she attempts to help him.

kushina naruto meet naruko

Although she did partly expect falling in love with him. T - English - Romance - Chapters: But Naruto didn't expect to be woken up by an extremely cute girl with violet eyes Isn't that my female form! He's not an orphan. Little does he know that that Uzumaki is his own mother and she's looking for him.

And Konoha is going down in the process for keeping them apart. Evil Naruto Naruto - Rated: Naruto and his Uzumaki brothers by Kitsunehollow reviews Naruto was alone. No one to help him in his life. Each girl wore a different color chiapo, one red and one deep purple. They both looked like identical twins but the hairstyle of each girl was different.

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One was long, reaching down to where her spine ended and not tied while the other had her hair to her elbows. Their busts were not on par with Naruko, but they were large for their age. And bigger than any of the girls Naruto knew in Konoha, except for the Jounin sensei's.

kushina naruto meet naruko

The two girls turned to Naruto. We didn't introduce ourselves. My name is Akari. It's nice to see that you have met my sister, Naruko.

kushina naruto meet naruko

It's nice to meet you to. Motioning them to follow him, the three girls and the jinchurikii all departed for the ramen stand.

kushina naruto meet naruko

Unbeknownst to any of the genin, Kushina had been watching the interaction from afar. She was beyond relieved to find her "dead" son actually alive.

However, a very angry expression crossed her face and nearby civilians and ninja backed far away from the redheaded goddess. Everyone remembered the unfortunate shinobi who had tried to rape her husband.

That very same feeling surrounded the area and the Red Death was about to live up to her name. With Naruto and others As the four stopped in front of the stand, Naruto cried out to the Teuchi. Who are the ladies? After giving the girls a look up and down, Teuchi burst out in anime tears.

To have three beautiful girls in your little harem.

Naruko was rolling around on the floor, tears coming out of her eyes. After everyone had sufficiently calmed down, Naruto ordered four bowls of miso ramen while Naruko settled for shrimp ramen.

Anka and Akari both had chicken ramen and glasses of water with their purchase. Naruko giggled and pinched Naruto's cheek. That was just so random. But, as a ninja, you should be prepared for all types of comments and dangers. That many people you are close to will do anything to embarrass you in the worst way. At this, all three girls stopped eating. All three girls gasped and they all flashed to a certain event right before them and Kushina had left Whirlpool Village. Flashback As the four ninja from whirlpool left the safety of the genjutsu on their village, Anka spoke up.

Not only hers, but Naruko's as well. Wiping some tears, Kushina started to tell them a story. What you guys don't know is that she is a twin, much like you and Akari are. We named our second child Naruto after a book your father's sensei wrote. I was happy to have Naruto but when I found out then I was going to give birth to Naruko here, I was absolutely ecstatic.

Minato and I had already decorated one of the rooms to match the children and got your baby clothes already. It came as a surprise to all of us but we fought like lions.

But still it wasn't enough. In desperation, my husband had to seal the Kyuubi in a newborn child less than three days old. I prayed, I begged him to not take any of our children but I was too weak to fight him as he took your baby brother.

The attack must have been over only minutes ago, since everyone was still running around. Suddenly, this ANBU appears right in front of me and tells me that my son and my husband have died from the Kyuubi attack.

When I came back, the village was back up and running, though it was nowhere near what it used to be. I found out later that Minato's older brother, Arashi, had survived the purge and had rebuilt the village.

The two of them had been the half-sisters of Naruko and the now deceased Naruto. As the three started on their journey again, the two half-sisters wondered what their half-brother would've been like if he lived. Flashback end As Naruto looked at the three girls, he was stuck by how pale they looked. Naruto looked at the clock above Teuchi's head and his eyes bulged. Slapping some bills down on the table, enough to pay for all four meals, he sprinted out the stand, shouting back "sorry guys.

Gotta sleep for tomorrow. It has to be him. We have to tell Kaa-san about this. Naruto is the son of Kushina and Minato. Maybe I should join them. This place is starting to go to hell. Yuugao Uzuki, apprentice to Kushina, smiled.

With Kushina enroute to Hokage Tower As bystanders moved around the shopping district, some quickly got out of the way from a fuming Kushina. And was she fuming. KI was leaking with every single step she took and some people were gasping for air whenever she went passed them.

The saying hell hath no fury like a woman scorned could pertain to this particular incidence. When the tower came into the site of the Uzumaki, her KI went even higher. Nearby shinobi found themselves on the ground, gasping for breath. The secretary fainted when Kushina passed by her. Sarutobi Hiruzen was once again stuck with an insane amount of paperwork. His front door was then knocked off its hinges from a powerful kick delivered from an equally powerful woman.

Sarutobi rubbed his eyes to make sure he wasn't hallucinating. It's nice to see that the years haven't stolen your beauty," he commented. I want to know one thing. You must know that he died the night the Kyuubi attacked.

I just saw him hanging out with his TWIN. If I told him you were still alive, he would have bolted to meet you guys. Kushina was now absolutely livid. I know how he is treated. He'll live a much happier life with me and his twin in Whirlpool.

It was awhile before Sarutobi took a breath. Minato was sure that she would never find out that Naruto would be alive. Kami save us all from her wrath.

kushina naruto meet naruko

So I decided to make my own.