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meet amy allan

Dead files star Amy Allan's Wiki type biography. So is Amy Allan married to a husband now? “Met Matt for breakfast, then to the divorce lawyer with us. Amy Allan talks directly to the spirits and entities to get the details. After Steve and Amy complete their investigations they meet with the client. Amy Allan Is a Paranormal Investigator, Physical Medium, Healer Amy has been a Medium all her life and that is what promoted her to studies within the.

Some not so good. What was your school experience like? I mean were you bullied or shunned for your abilities at a young age? I think that everybody thought that I was odd in elementary school.

We gravitate towards each other. So I always had one or two really close friends. I was always a little bit of an oddball.

It got worse in Junior High. That was really when I was messing around and things would happen. Did you have anyone that you could talk to about it?

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How was high school and college? That was a very trying time. I moved to New York right after 7th grade. I was not particularly happy so I kind of rebelled and went crazy. I was definitely experimenting with my abilities then and was having a really rough go of it.

I was angry, very angry. That was a really rough time for me. When did it start getting better? When I was about 18 things started to get a little bit better. I went to college and met some really cool people. I started to deal with my situation as far as personally and my abilities.

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What is a bodyworker? I initially went to school for acupuncture and oriental medicine. Through that I went into Shiatsu. I studied that for a while and completed the training. Then I went for Western massage and Tioga massage. I read that you also worked with at-risk teenagers in foster homes or in shelters. I did that mainstream psychology right after I got my degrees.

I was working with at-risk teens because I had been an at-risk teen, so I wanted to help. Did you find any at-risk teens that had psychic abilities? What made you move to Yugoslavia? I was dating somebody and we ended up moving over there while the war was going on. That was a great experience, helping with the refugee effort and also getting to travel.

Did you work with an organization? We helped with food and things like that. Some of the buildings are lifted so we would just make little areas for people under the buildings.

I was in Belgrade in Serbia. So we were just helping as much as we could. So what is an average day in the life of Amy Allan like? Pretty boring I think. Do you remember what those are like?

meet amy allan

On my last break I was home for 3 weeks. I was squeezing in time with friends while getting my business organized. I tried to catch up with my Facebook, Twitter and e-mails. Then I went to LA to film some stuff for the show. Then I got to see my parents in New Orleans for a few days. Then back to Denver and then back to the road, so… Abby: You need your own GPS tracking system! Are you open to answering abilities questions?

I read that your abilities were studied and tested by parapsychologists. What were their findings? At this point, within the science, there is only so much that can be tested for. You have to control as many factors and variables as possible in the field. We put it to Steve to confirm or not. So ya I did work with several different parapsychologists and underwent many different tests. Who did the testing? Gary Schwartz and William Everett. What is a physical medium? So basically I see and hear the dead just like I see and hear living people.

Do you also use psychometry? I do have psychometry too. Psychometry is holding an object and receiving information from that object. My dominant ability is physical mediumship. How are you doing now?

The last case I got a little sick because I guess that location had a Spanish flu or something and so I got it. So sometimes you do get sick as a result.

meet amy allan

While I was doing research on you I was shocked to learn that you have been sick with heart attacks, cancer and AIDS just from using your abilities. That really got to me. Why would you continue to do it when you know you may get deathly ill? Met Matt for breakfast, then to the divorce lawyer with us.

meet amy allan

At the time of divorce, the couple had no children. Five years after the divorce, she is still childless. Steve DiSchiavi Wiki Bio: Wife, Daughter, Net worth, Family. She is currently in a relationship with Rob Traegler. After calling quits from a short-lived married life with Matt, Amy Allan kept her relationship status a private affair. But we have found out that she is currently in a relationship with director Rob Traegler.

How do we know? Well while going through her Instagram we found out a picture that Amy shared which shows a great time Amy Allan Rob Traegler are having. So is Rob her husband?

Well, that is what it looks like.

meet amy allan

A post shared by Amy Allan amyallantdf on Nov 16, at 4: He left the show in after working for four seasons. Amy Allan Net Worth, Salary. Amy Allan has kept most of her private matters at bay. Her net salary per every episode that she appears in remain unknown. We have not therefore been able to reconstruct her net salary per every episode in the television show of Dead Files.

However, she must be making a kill. Her net worth, in general, is also unknown. Amy Allan with Steve Di Schiavi However, considering her appearance in the show and the success of the show, Amy Allan is doing so well financially, and her net worth must be plumb.