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Choose a student or professor or take a look at the Research Institute to learn more about the Research Master's in Communication Science. The courses are developed within the project Social Media and Web with minimal onsite meetings to meet leading industry practitioners and. As such, 21st century managers need to consider the many opportunities and threats that Web , social media, and creative consumers present and the.

All materials are accessible online, with minimal onsite meetings to meet leading industry practitioners and exchange real-life case insights. We offer flexible admission and prerequisites validation that meets the needs of professionals.

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Linnaeus University offers newly developed courses at university level that keep you and your company up to date with key areas and trends in the IT field. Our Courses The available courses are clustered in three areas agile product and service development, Web and mobile development and digital marketing strategy. Other areas are under development. Agile Product and Service Development Agile methodologies enable businesses to focus on value in their product development, building the right product faster and more efficiently.

How is this done? How does it affect the business? These courses address both management and development issues associated with agile product and service development. By involving industry experts, the course is guaranteed to provide you with the latest knowledge and tools. Since the participants come from different organizations, facing similar issues, the workshops provide an ideal platform for cross-fertilization, trading war stories and insights.

Web and Mobile Development If recent history is any indication, the importance of web-based and mobile applications can hardly be overestimated. These courses address commonly encountered problems, namely how to produce stable applications that work across multiple platforms. Digital Marketing Strategy To remain relevant, companies need to adopt a different approaches to the traditional marketing practices and actively manage every stage of the customer journey.

An agile approach impacts the entire organization, and management buy-in and understanding is critical for its success. The course addresses strategic, organizational, and operational issues, and provides you with the necessary tools to become an efficient leader in an agile organization.

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Specific focus is given to Scrum, the most widely adopted agile methodology. The total effort to pass this course is typically around 80 hours, including on-site workshops. Agile in Practice 4.

How to meet media and influence people

This would not have been possible by BHP operating alone in Chile. Engagement with our suppliers creates shared value in our communities One of the greatest contributions we can bring to places where we operate is to enable local suppliers to benefit from the knowledge and globalised approach we have access to. Programs such as Supply Innovation engages our suppliers in our challenges, opening up global development and learning opportunities for them and creating shared value for local economies.

Opening our doors creates value for our industry The technological and operational challenges of mining companies fuel the ecosystem and provide compelling opportunities for local suppliers and economies.

When companies like ours open the door to these innovation ecosystems, it stimulates development that address the needs of companies in our industry around the world.

Broadening our thinking contributes value to global society The Trommel Maintenance Robot project also demonstrates that local suppliers can produce world-class technology solutions.

This not only has application in mining operations throughout the world; it may also help to address challenges in other industries. Projects like this are neither accidents nor isolated cases. They are the fruit of systematic work initiated by us in Chile more than a decade ago. We have evolved and extended this program into a partnership with Codelco, Antofagasta Minerals and the Chilean government. We use an open platform known as Expande to connect unique mining challenges with suppliers, mining companies, government agencies, universities and sources of funding.

Meet the Pros — CBS 17

Continued success demands a consistent and long-term view. By continuing to more closely unite and align all of the parts to support entrepreneurs, we are increasingly growing an ecosystem in Chile of innovation, collaboration and economic development.

This has helped fuel economic growth in Chile while also supporting development of companies as exporters of goods and services linked to the mining sector. We see the Supply Innovation Program as a way to use our business challenges as a platform to spark innovation and create shared value for BHP and the communities and countries where we operate.

At the same time we aim to create a base of knowledge and social capital for the future of Chile and the world. We believe Chile is capable of transforming its geological capital into knowledge capital.