Meet mitt romneys mexican mormon family

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meet mitt romneys mexican mormon family

The story of Mitt Romney's family in Mexico is not well-known or he has donated to Mitt's campaigns, he has never met the candidate. Nor has. Mitt Romney's great-grandfather fled to Mexico from the U.S. to avoid arrest for polygamy in the late s. He set up a Mormon community with. Mitt Romney's father was born in a small Mormon enclave where family members My journey to the Mormon heartland of Mexico began in a gloomy bar in Ciudad . Leighton Romney, Mitt Romney's second cousin, told me he hasn't met the.

December 6, — February 19, was a member of the Montana House of Representatives between and Inhe was elected as a delegate to the state Constitutional Convention and was appointed to the Montana Senate in and elected to a full term in Romney was the publisher of the newspaper Hamilton Western News.

He served as President of Dixie Normal College from until his death in He was named a consensus All-American in and After his playing career he coached basketball at Western State College and the Colorado School of Minesand then owned the Denver Bears professional baseball franchise and was a founder of the Western Leagueserving as president.

He also works in the area of real estate transactions and exchanges. Great-great-great-grandson of Miles Romney and Elisabeth Gaskell. Romney born obtained a Ph.

He is the author of several books. He's also a former president of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints' Mexico Monterrey West Mission, serving with his wife fromand is currently the president of the Dominican Republic Missionary Training Center, with this current assignment projected to end in January He and his wife, Ella Ann McDaniel, have six children.

Brother of Marshall B. Romney's son was Marion G. Romney was uncle of George W.

meet mitt romneys mexican mormon family

He was elected to the Utah state legislature in as a Democrat. Romney was an assistant prosecuting attorney in Salt Lake City. Used the spelling "Lafount". S President Calvin Coolidge. He later managed a number of well-known radio stations in the northeastern United States and was president of the National Independent Broadcasters.

He was the father of Lenore Romneythe father-in-law of businessman and politician George W. Romneyand the maternal grandfather of businessman and politician Mitt Romney. He was the Democratic candidate for Governor of Utah in The baseball field that the neighborhood kids played the uniformed kids at in the movie "The Sandlot" was named L. He is now at Levine Leichtman Capital Partners as a Director and member of the firm's deal origination group since Most of the Mormons never went back to Mexico.

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But one of Miles Park's sons, Miles Archibold, did return. And it is his progeny who remain here today, Mitt's second cousins. I think that if Mitt wins this president of the United States, it's because God wants him there.

Mitt Romney's cousin Miles Romney's Mexican relatives live in large, suburban American-style homes; they speak perfect English and hold dual citizenship; they shop in El Paso; and their children attend college in the states. We're not part of the Gaskell-Romney family line.

meet mitt romneys mexican mormon family

Romney, and reads a passage about the family DNA. Romney is leading Florida 41, Gingrich 19," says Kent's wife, Virginia, who checks her email several times a day for campaign news. She is careful around a reporter's microphone, not to say anything that might harm Mitt's chances.

The Mexican Mormon War (Drug Cartels vs. Mormons Full Length)

We're just as normal as anybody else," she says Rather than dwell on the region as a haven for polygamists, Kent Romney would rather talk about the reported miracle that made their valley fertile. They consider it an act of God. As devout Mormons, the Romneys avoid coffee and tobacco, fast once a month, and wear the sacred undergarments. They believe in family, probity and hard work. Since remodeled, it now has a Mexican colonial-style stone facade.

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There were many homes of brick and stone, some with the occasional Victorian flourish. Ora was recently granted U. Navy submarine and represented Mexico in basketball at the Olympics in Rome. I first glimpsed the town as we descended a curving country road and entered a valley of orchards and swaying grasses.

The practice ended after a LDS edict that polygamists would be excommunicated. But lore has it that the Lord quickly provided: An earthquake triggered the return of an abundant flow. Still, a stroll through the town is a pleasant experience. On a gorgeous day of early spring, quiet filled the neighborhoods, and I could hear water flowing alongside most of the streets, inside three-foot-wide channels that irrigate peach and apple orchards and vegetable gardens amid small, well-kept brick homes.

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Hatch remembered bouncing on it as a boy. This must be a great place to raise kids, I thought, a feeling that was confirmed later that evening when a local family invited me to a community potluck in the home of Lester Johnson.

It was a Monday night, a time set aside, according to Mormon tradition, for family gatherings. Before diving into assorted casseroles and enchilada dishes, we all bowed our heads in prayer. They talked about family, school and other mundane or scary aspects of life in this part of Mexico, such as a local restaurant one of the moms stopped frequenting when she saw people with guns at another table.

But the bigger problem facing the English-speaking residents of the Mormon colonies is one common to rural life: Johnson, 57, has five children, all adopted, all Mexican. And all now live in the United States.

meet mitt romneys mexican mormon family

Mitt Romney has reportedly not visited the area. Some see similarities between Mitt Romney, the public figure, and his Mexican relatives, some three dozen of whom are said to live in town. But this characteristic, it seems to me, is common to many of the Mormons of the colonies.

meet mitt romneys mexican mormon family

Their shared determination is one of the things that has allowed a relatively small number of English-speaking people to keep their language and way of life essentially unchanged for more than a century, despite being surrounded by an often hostile Spanish-speaking culture. They have the same great-grandfather, Miles P. Romney, one of the pioneers.