Rush hour 3 french airport scene meet

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rush hour 3 french airport scene meet

Rush Hour 3 Movie Review Summary. Actors: Chris Carter crashes into the scene saving Lee and almost running him over at the same time. They take Soo Yung to the French Ambassador at the French Embassy for safekeeping. In the airport, they are interrogated by the police. They make arrangements to meet. Artifact Title: There's only one scene in the first movie where the title makes sense . The title is . Glove Snap: Done by French airport security in Rush Hour 3. Good Scars .. Translation by Volume: Carter did this to Lee when they first met. Rush Hour 3 () is the third installment in a series of American buddy cop action comedy filming on Rush Hour 3 began July 4 on location in Paris and Los Angeles. They meet the old master, who informs the duo that the Triads took to the face, knocking him out, Lee and Carter leave the scene via victory dance.

Lee and Carter defeat the assassins and interrogate one of them with the help of a French speaking nun, Sister Agnes. For her protection, they take Soo-Yung to the French Embassy and leave her under the care of Reynard, the French ambassador and the chairman of the World Criminal Court.

When a car bomb nearly kills Reynard and Soo-Yung, the duo decides to go to Paris to investigate. In Paris, after undergoing a painful cavity search from Parisian Commissioner Revi, Lee and Carter meet George, a taxi driver, who is staunchly critical of Americans.

After Carter forces George to help, he drives them to a Triad hideout. Once there, Lee is tricked by a mob assassin named Jasmine, who claims to have information about Shy Shen, with Carter's intervention saving Lee when she attempted to kill him. Lee and Carter attempt to escape the Triads, having convinced a terrified George that they need his help, but are ultimately captured by Kenji's men. Carter and Lee get into a cab.

The taxi driver is the same one as before and he is convinced by Carter to drive like a super spy form the American movies. They are thrown from the cab. Lee and Carter are captured.

They are taken to Lee's brother, Kenji, who meets them in the sewer. They escape by jumping down the stinking sewer pipe. They go to a fancy hotel. They check in to a nice room and clean up. Carter and Lee have an argument about what it means to be a brother of the other one. Carter buys Chinese food from a restaurant. Carter orders fried chicken delivered to the room by room service.

They go to a theater to look for the bosses of the crime syndicate. Carter pretends to be the new costume designer who goes backstage to review all the half-naked women, who are performers in the show.

Carter and Lee try to convince the lead solo performer not to go on, because she will be shot if she performs. She goes on stage in spite of the warning. Carter joins her on stage to block the assassins from shooting her.

Lee joins in the act as well. They take her offstage while the gangsters shoot at her. They all escape the club and are picked up by the taxi driver from before. They go to the hotel room. When they give this information to the French Ambassador, they discover he is part of the corrupt organization.

While there, they get a call from Kenji, Lee's Adopted brother, who tells them he kidnapped Soo Yung. They make arrangements to meet. Lee and Kenji fight, while Soo Yung is hanging from a rope over the street where she may fall many floors below. We almost killed your ass. Why you didn't move? I'd like for you to meet our dates for this evenin'.

How many times do you want me to say it? I'm sorry I ran you over, man. All right, hold it right there. Don't say a word, Carter. Captain Diel, I had nothin' to do with this. All I did was borrow a car, backed up Lee.

I need to see Ambassador Han. The Ambassador is just out of surgery. The bullet missed his heart. He's gonna be OK. Captain, you have to give me back my shield I made one little mistake.

You handcuffed two women and stole their car. Isn't that why we have insurance? Everyone has an off day, Captain. Last month you put six Iranians in jail for a week! You and I both know them Iranians was terrorists. They were scientists at UCLA! Let me find the person who shot Ambassador Han. The LAPD won't be leading this investigation.

The Ambassador is my responsibility. Well, then maybe you could tell me exactly how that shooter got away. The Ambassador's daughter is coming to see her father right now. Make sure nothing happens to her. Don't worry, Captain, we're gonna make you proud. And try not to think about your wife leaving you. I haven't seen her since she was ten years old. She lives in Los Angeles now. Let's go to the gift shop and get her a little teddy bear. I'm so glad you're here. They said he'll be OK. Soo Yung, I'm sorry.

It was my fault. I didn't get to him fast enough. I want you both to promise me something. I want you to find the man who did this to him. I want you to find him because I don't think he'll stop I need to hear you say it. And so do I. Soo Yung, your father was addressing the court before he was shot. Two weeks ago, my father mailed me an envelope.

He said if anything ever happened to him I put it in my locker at the kung-fu studio where I teach. It's at First Street This has nothing to do with you. I made Soo Yung a promise, the same as you. This is the business of China. Well, for your information, I'm part Chinese now. For the last three years I've studied I am half-Chinese, baby.

If you're half-Chinese, I'm half-black. I'm your brother and I'm fly. You down with that, Snoopy? That's dope, isn't it? Sorry, Lee, you can't be black. There's a height requirement. Same as riding the Matterhorn. I can't leave you, Lee. Can't leave my brother. All right, listen up! I need everyone's attention.

I'm Detective Carter, this is Inspector Lee. We need to see Soo Yung's locker right now. No one's allowed in the back without the master's permission. Maybe you didn't hear me. We need to see that locker. Lee, I got this. Violence will solve nothin'. Now, as the Chinese say, all great battles are won without fightin'.

Rush Hour 3 Script - transcript from the screenplay and/or the Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan movie

I don't know him. Now, let's just calm down and put this Now I'm about to beat the puberty out of y'all. You ain't gonna see it comin'.

You ain't gonna see it comin', come on! Runnin' for your lives. About time y'all showed some respect around here. Heh, I'm sorry, man. I thought this was the bathroom. Lee, I got a big problem, man.

This boy's on steroids. He got a head like Barry Bonds. Carter, are you OK? Lee, Lee, get him, Lee! Lee, let's get the hell outta Come on, man, let me go. I love Chinese people! How do you say "surrender" in Chinese? I'm about to slice you up like a giant California roll! I'm not playin' no more. How the hell did we get in this mess? May I help you? We'll be asking the questions, old man. Just answer the damn questions.

I'm not blind, you blind. He is Mi, and I am Yu. And I'm about to whup your old ass, man, 'cause I'm sick of playin' games! You, me, everybody's ass around here! My name is Inspector Lee. We have a key to Soo Yung's locker. Some men came here this morning. They emptied her locker. I could not stop them. You must go to her at once. They said she would end up like her father. I don't know what the hell you feedin' him Where's all the damn cops? They were called away.

Aw, this ain't good. They're coming for him. What do we do? Don't move, or I'll blow your ass cheeks off. Lee, throw me a gun! I thought you had my back! Soo Yung, one more! Lee, I'm in trouble!

I need some assistance. I always got your back. Why the hell you give me an empty gun, then? You almost got me killed, Lee. What the hell is that? I think he's speaking French. What kind of Chinaman speak French? Tell him to stop playin' around and talk right. How can I tell him?

rush hour 3 french airport scene meet

I don't speak French. Shut the hell up. We're gonna need a few minutes alone with this guy. Find someone here who speaks French, please.

Uh, this is Sister Agnes from the chapel upstairs. She speaks fluent French and has agreed to interpret for you. Sister, we appreciate you doin' this.

Sister Agnes, please ask who sent him. He says you're both making a big mistake. That one day soon you'll beg for mercy.

Please, Sister, we have to know.

rush hour 3 french airport scene meet

There's lives at stake. Well, he used the N-word. Sister, you tell this piece of S-word that I will personally F-word him up. Did he say "Negro"? He used the N-word again, but this time he mentioned your grandmother. You tell him that his mama's a H! Carter, I believe "whore" is spelled with a W.

And his sister's a W. And his grandmama's a two-big W You tell him I said that. Did he say it again? This time he called Well, you tell him he's an A. Uh, Lee, "hole" is spelled with a H. I have a dictionary upstairs. Just call him an asshole. He says you've both been marked for death, like Han and the girl. Sister, turn your back. You don't want to see this.

Who is Shy Shen and how do we find him? Tell us right now or I'll cut your B's off and shove 'em in your mouth. His hairy, stinkin' beads. Tell me somethin' now. Lee, give me the gun. Give me the gun, Lee. Who is Shy Shen?! What did he say, Sister? He said "shoot me. You better tell me something right now.

I'll send you right to heaven, man. I'm marked for death. I ain't got nothin' to lose. Call the Lord and tell him he 'bout to have some company. Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned! Nice workin' with ya, Sister. Every city in America has a street named after Roosevelt. Soo Yung, we're getting you out of here. I won't leave him. We have no choice. I'm glad your father is OK. My people won't leave his side. Where am I going?

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We're getting out of Los Angeles. It's not safe for us. Just a few days, Soo Yung. You'll come with me and my family to Paris. You made me a promise. We got a assassin in custody who only speaks French Are you thinking what I'm thinking? That we go to Fiji, we hide out for a year We have to find Shy Shen before he finds us.

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We're going to Paris, aren't we? Did you know the average French woman is naked 34 percent of the time? We are not going there to meet women. You have to forget about her, and let me hook you up.

After what you did to Isabella? It was an accident. Besides, you never even slept with her. It was going to happen. But you just had to ruin it. What did I do that was so terrible? You shot my girlfriend. There's nothing else to say. It's not like she died. So she has droopy eyes. So she works at El Poco Loco. As soon as she could blink, the Secret Service took her back.

You know what your problem is? You need to relax, have some fun. You have too much rice in your diet. I never should have brought you. Face it, you need me, brother. I don't need anyone. And please don't call me brother. Underground gentleman's club in Paris. Check out the address. Can we have one gefilte fish and some Ex-Lax? Where the bags at, man? Commissaire Revi of the DST. Would you please come with me? Just need to ask you a few questions. Man, this is by far the worst airport I ever been to.

Now that I have your attention, why don't you tell me I told you, man. Just taking in the sights. Gentlemen, this is my city Now, I can't force you to leave, but I can make the suggestion. After all, I found this dirty little gun inside your jacket. Which means you could both do 20 years in my jail. Do we understand each other? It was wonderful meeting you both. So we can go now? This will just take a moment. I don't drive Americans. Always starting wars, always killing people.

Americans make me sick. Look, man, we are not in the mood for this. Me and my partner just got violated by a small Frenchman. Wearing a very large ring. You're a pathetic bunch of criminals who always resort to violence. Always push around the little guy. Hey, that stuff ain't true. Come on, America is a joke. You lost in Vietnam, you lost in Iraq. You can't even beat the Europeans in basketball anymore.

The Dream Team is dead.

Rush Hour 3 Movie Review Summary

I didn't hear you, man. Talk about the NBA again, I dare ya. Even your skinny women disgust me. Now you done gone too far.