Relationship between boss and subordinate

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relationship between boss and subordinate

“For anyone entering into an employment relationship,” said Miller, “there are a few areas of privacy. But a sexual relationship between a boss and a subordinate . If either side of the boss and employee relationship does not hold up their end of the teamwork requirements, then productivity suffers and teamwork cannot be. When a boss initiates a friendship with an employee or subordinate, there's . For instance, should they not talk about work things outside of the office, Effective management of personal relationships with bosses and other.

A relationship that is built on trust and understanding can make the employee and manager more efficient. A poor relationship that lacks cohesiveness will dampen productivity and can lead to high rates of employee turnover. There are several elements that make up a boss and employee relationship that need to be understood by both parties for the relationship to be effective.

relationship between boss and subordinate

Teamwork Both the boss and employee need to commit to the concept of teamwork if a group is going to work together effectively. Additionally, the roles for each party need to be well-defined. The employee is expected to follow instructions, give input when needed, and meet or exceed performance measurement criteria.

Boss & Employee Relationships

The manager is expected to provide the employee with the necessary resources and training to do the job, be the person who handles team administrative duties and provide leadership to meet company goals. If either side of the boss and employee relationship does not hold up their end of the teamwork requirements, then productivity suffers and teamwork cannot be established.

Company Guidelines Many companies have policies on personal relationships within the organization. While friendships are allowed, and even encouraged, romantic relationships are sometimes forbidden by a company and there are good reasons for this. If the relationship goes bad, then the employee can claim sexual harassment on the manager and say that the manager was asking personal favors in exchange for keeping the staff member employed.

If the rest of the staff finds out about the relationship, then the manager can be accused of favoritism and morale will suffer. Yet, organizations often neglect to emphasize on this issue. We all know, customer is the most important thing when it comes to business for any company.

But, companies should also realize that manager and employee relationship equally important as well. Managers should be a role model A manager should be a perfect mixture of a boss and a friend.

relationship between boss and subordinate

If you are a manager and reading this right now, try to build your image in such a way that the employee looks up to you in future.

The outcome was nothing but frustration for the subordinates. It was because the manager had put himself in such a position that, his team members were unable to approach him. One way of delegation never brings good outcome in the long run.

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The managers should remove such invisible wall and must create an image that employees can liberty to walk up to their respective managers in case of a doubt and clear things. Managers should communicate openly Many times confusions among the team members arise when communication is done on a one to one basis between the manager and subordinates.

Even more importantly, the manager should give feedbacks to the subordinates. It can be positive feedback; even it can be a negative feedback. But, without communicating the mistakes of the subordinates, the manager should not expect improvement in the work of the subordinate.

Managers should get involved with the team members Personal-Professional relationship can get works done faster than just having professional relationship.