Relationship between globalization and localisation telephone

Localization, Internationalization, and Globalization: An Overview

relationship between globalization and localisation telephone

First, what is the relationship between globalization and localization from . and the contact with European countries (Hung and Pollard, ). Localization, Internationalization, and Globalization: An Overview The term ' localization' is oftentimes used synonymously with 'translation'. If you want to learn more about our professional localization services, contact us here. ; The Difference Between a Copyright and a Patent October 3, consider localisation as counterpart of globalisation on the grounds that the former .. do not even have a telephone connection: half of the population has never.

relationship between globalization and localisation telephone

A pseudo-translation process is also very useful to determine as early as possible any area of application not ready to display different languages.

Early Globalization Benefits Once the globalization process is done, the mobile service or application is ready to be localized. There is no further need to deal with the service logic or code in order to translate the content. Additionally, the mobile service is now ready to be localized to any number of languages which means that the service is ready to be introduced to any market worldwide.

relationship between globalization and localisation telephone

To localize the service, we just need to send the content in a sample format such as xml or xliff for translation, rather than sending any technical code or details to the translation house.

An important benefitof early globalization is the ability to accelerate the localization process by sending the content in parallel to different language translators, which saves a lot of time, rather than doing this process one language at a time.

If the application is not globalized, the service source code itself would need to be sent each time to be translated per language. When the service is already globalized the service logic stays intact and just the content is isolated from the logic that needs to be sent for translation. Importance of Mobile Services Online QA When the localization process is complete, the mobile service is almost ready to be deployed to different markets worldwide, but there is one crucial step left, the Online QA.

It is very important after applying the localization that linguistic QA reviewers to do a general review for the published translation.

Globalization and Localization: Mobile Applications

The reviewers check the consistency of the content at its final status and edit or fine tune any segments that need to be updated. Where globalization emphasizes the back-end of a website and is meant to appeal to search engines and other bots, localization attempts to connect with the consumer via your website content.

relationship between globalization and localisation telephone

Localization consists of adapting advertisements, document text, or other data including graphics and sound for a specific audience so that you can continue to grow and expand your customer base.

If you rely on a strict translation of your site, your international audiences are likely to be confused. After all, local idioms and industry jargon, which may be understood by an English audience, will not translate effectively into another language without localization. Localization considers cultural, contextual, and industry-specific terminologies resulting in translations that read as though they were written by a native.

What is the difference between globalization and localization

While you may be tempted to assign this task to a multilingual employee, its important to remember that quality translators are more than just bilingual. There is no guarantee that the employee will be able to turn out quality work — especially if there are extensive amounts of content.

relationship between globalization and localisation telephone

The best option is to work with a professional language service provider like Accredited Language. Enabling code to support local, regional, language, or culturally related preferences.

relationship between globalization and localisation telephone

Typically this involves incorporating predefined localization data and features derived from existing libraries or user preferences. Examples include date and time formats, local calendars, number formats and numeral systems, sorting and presentation of lists, handling of personal names and forms of address, etc.

Globalization vs. Localization: What are the Differences?

Separating localizable elements from source code or content, such that localized alternatives can be loaded or selected based on the user's international preferences as needed. Notice that these items do not necessarily include the localization of the content, application, or product into another language; they are design and development practices which allow such a migration to take place easily in the future but which may have significant utility even if no localization ever takes place.

The value of internationalization Internationalization significantly affects the ease of the product's localization.

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Retrofitting a linguistically- and culturally-centered deliverable for a global market is obviously much more difficult and time-consuming than designing a deliverable with the intent of presenting it globally. Think back to the Y2K effort and trying to "undo" two-character year fields that were built on the assumption of "19xx".