Relationship between productivity and production

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relationship between productivity and production

Thus, when differentiating between the two terms, one should remember that productivity is the ratio of output to input in relation to production. because the firm chooses this single product from among several possible .. ( supply side) relationship between two key variables: the relative productivity. In economics, productivity is used to measure the efficiency or rate of production. It is the amount of output (e.g. number of goods produced) per unit of input (e.g.

It attempts to eliminate wastage. It facilitates the comparison of the performance of a company to its competitors or related firms, in terms of aggregate results and of major components of performance. It enables the management to control the performance of the company by identifying the comparative benefits rising out of the use of different inputs.

According to Wikipedia, production is the act of creating output, goods or services which have values and contributes to the utility of individuals. This may include factors of production other than labor.

relationship between productivity and production

The factors of production are the inputs to the production process. The finished goods are the output. The input determines the quality of the output product.

Input is the starting point and output is the end point of the production process, and such an input-output relationship is called as the production function.

There are three basic factors of production: All three are required in combination at a time to produce a commodity.

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In economics, production means creation or an addition of utility. Factors of production are any commodities or services used to produce goods or services. These factors are specifically referred to as primary factors.

relationship between productivity and production

Energy and material are referred to as secondary factors. The primary factors facilitate production but neither become part of the product nor become significantly transformed by the production process.

What is the difference between “Production” and “Productivity”?

Human capital and entrepreneurship are also considered as factors of production. The factors affecting the production are as follows: Land represents all natural resources, such as timber and gold, used in the production of goods. Labor is all of the work that laborers and workers perform at all levels of an organization. It can be expressed in terms of the ratio of outputs produced to inputs consumed, in the given period.

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Productivity tends to determine the overall production performance of the firms by ascertaining how efficiently the firm utilized its resources in the production of goods and services, with minimum wastage.

It can be enhanced by controlling factors of production, improving process and technology.

Difference Between Production and Productivity

Dynamic Concept of Productivity Competition triggers productivity, as intense competition results in higher productivity, which in turn provides better value to the customers, leading to higher share in the market. Further, it can be evaluated with the help of the following analysis: It gauges the change in productivity of the firm over the years.

relationship between productivity and production

Establishing productivity norm as the budget for the upcoming period, on the basis of above analysis and making strategies for its achievement. Key Differences Between Production and Productivity The difference between production and productivity can be drawn clearly on the following premises: Production is an organized activity, wherein step by step conversion of raw materials into useful output takes place. Production is a process of value addition, wherein at each level, some value is added to the product.

Conversely, productivity is a measure of efficiency. Production exhibits the number of units produced by the firm in a given period.

relationship between productivity and production

As against, productivity highlights the ratio of output to input consumed.