What is the relationship between google and yahoo

The Real Difference Between Google and Yahoo

what is the relationship between google and yahoo

What Google Got About The Web That Yahoo Didn't. everything with equal ease, the web could also represent associations between things that might seem unrelated but for some reason did actually share a relationship. There is no relationship between the two. Hierarchical Officious Oracle"), and in Japanese it is pronounced as ヤフー(yafuu), and it is different from やほお( yahoo). What is the difference between Google and Yahoo?. We all know it's just Google's game we're playing. But what are the differences between Google, Bing, and Yahoo? Do they all do the same thing and Google.

The Real Difference Between Google and Yahoo

Bing is a search engine which powers a few other search modules. And Yahoo is not a search engine at all, but a web portal with a search engine powered by Bing. These boxes display above any links to articles, news, and website results for the associated search term.

Types of answer boxes include word definitions, flight information, movie show times, population charts, and dozens of other bits of information. For another type of quick answer unique to Google: Google returns a horizontal scrolling list of current movies above the organic list of top-ten search results.

what is the relationship between google and yahoo

Google SERPs also sometimes feature right-column previews of information about the search. The search home also has a news carousel across the bottom. Otherwise, the search engine works much like a traditional search engine: One unique aspect of Bing is Bing Rewards.

When signed in, users earn points for each Bing search that can be redeemed for games, movies, apps, gift cards, and sweepstakes entries.

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Even Yahoo and Bing SERP results can vary depending on the search query, despite being powered by the same search technology. Several Asian countries are included, as are Australia and New Zealand. Parts of South America are also covered.

what is the relationship between google and yahoo

Google already has an anti-trust action happening against it in the European Union. Under the Services Agreement, Yahoo has discretion to select which search queries to send to Google and is not obligated to send any minimum number of search queries.

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The Services Agreement is non-exclusive and expressly permits Yahoo to use any other search advertising services, including its own service, the services of Microsoft Corporation or other third parties.

It could decide to send no queries to Google, if it wanted to. The percentage will vary depending on whether the ads are displayed on U. Yahoo will pay Google fees for requests for image search results or web algorithmic search results. This is pretty standard, saying that Yahoo will get a percentage of what Google makes off its ads that are shown on the Yahoo network.

The Similarities Between Google & Yahoo

It was in the original Yahoo-Microsoft deal. In such a case, Google would be earning nothing yet providing a service. Either party may terminate the Services Agreement 1 upon a material breach subject to certain limitations; 2 in the event of a change in control as defined in the Services Agreement ; 3 after first discussing with the other party in good faith its concerns and potential alternatives to termination a in its entirety or in the U.

what is the relationship between google and yahoo

Back inYahoo wanted to do a deal with Google. The US Department of Justice decided that would be bad on competitive grounds, so the companies abandoned that.

That's why Google has been more successful. Yahoo started off in as a search directory. Its job was to help people find stuff on the Web and that was its main purpose for many years. Search is certainly what made Yahoo popular. Carol Bartz saying that Yahoo was never a search company is like a defeated army saying that they never wanted to win the war anyway.

In fact, they didn't even think they were fighting a war. So now that Yahoo has lost the war with Google, now that it has grown beyond its original purpose of being a search company, what does it want to be? According to the New York Times article, "The biggest thing for Yahoo is increasing the number of pages people consume and slapping as many display ads as possible across those pages.

This logic is why Yahoo lost to Google in the first place.

what is the relationship between google and yahoo