Emotional freedom technique relationship help

emotional freedom technique relationship help

Hugs, Gary By Marie Holiday Dear Gary, I have been using EFT with the use of The photograph method seems to help with relationship issues because they. The increasing popularity of the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) She explains how EFT can support relationship goals in individuals by. EFT Tapping's ability to transform personal relationships is remarkable. dealing with a close personal relationship, EFT for relationships can help. or EFT practitioners who've tried emotional fredom techniques on their.

I resent [name your partner] so much Under Nose: I feel like I am losing [name your partner] Top of Head: Once those feelings have subsided, begin again at the eyebrow point.

I know that we can find an answer Side of Eye: I know we can finally figure this out Under Eye: Who am I kidding? I allow myself the space to find the way Collar Bone: I allow [name your partner] the space to find the way Under Arm: Our love is bigger than our anger Top of Head: Our love is stronger than our sadness Eyebrow: Our love is deeper than our fear Side of Eye: Our love is more important than whatever happened in the past Under Eye: I choose to let love lead us to the answers Under Nose: And we both care for each other deeply Top of Head: Our love can lead us to the answer How do you feel?

One of the biggest and most common problems we face when we reach a stalemate with our partner is that we tend to react to our disagreement with anger, sadness or fear.

emotional freedom technique relationship help

You have to let your love come first. When we do this, a magical thing happens: However, many of them actually have more time on their hands and more time to think. The photograph method seems to help with relationship issues because they may not have seen the person for some time whether it be family or friend that they have an issue with.

Sometimes they are going back to UK and have to face the problem again I had a client recently with family problems that were starting to make her feel unwell She was constantly thinking about the family problems. She had several arguments with her brother which she felt was his fault and they had not been speaking for some time.

EFT Tapping for Love: Emotional Tapping For Relationships - Dawson Church

She had talked to her mum about this and seemed to have very little support or interest from her mum. The common theme seemed to be "loss".

I asked her to bring a photo of her mum and brother. We started on the PR point and the set up was quite in depth I feel a terrible loss, I feel lonely but through all this I deeply and completely love and accept myself". I asked her to tap on the photograph of her brother first stating "this loss".

She tapped several times on "this loss" and changed it herself to "I have lost you, like I lost my husband", "I feel lonely because i have lost you".

Addressing relationship and family issues by tapping on photographs

Her intensity came down to 5. She started sobbing very heavily and I asked her to just sit and I tapped on her until she stopped crying and settled.

emotional freedom technique relationship help

She felt OK to continue and we moved on to her mum in the photograph with "no support". She did this several times and phrases came up such as "I have never had much support from you all my life".

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Again, she started sobbing and I took over and tapped on her until the tears subsided. I then continued tapping around her points continuously on phrases she had used and also on forgiveness.

emotional freedom technique relationship help

At the end of a very lenghty session, her intensity level was down to "0". I brought the photo back and asked her how she felt about them both On further probing, the photo was taken on a family occasion that she could not attend and she felt "the loss" again of being left out. Intensity level of 4. We tapped on this family occasion of "being left out.