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I Ching: Hexagram 35 - Chin is all about progress. Easy progress and the feeling of dissatisfaction that can sometimes arise from such progress. Chin urges you. I Ching Reference: Hexagram # This fortunate hexagram suggests open- heartedness, unity, nourishment, and transcendence of relationship problems. Interpretation (meaning) of i Ching hexagram 35 (Prospering (jìn). Progress) when it changes to hexagram 23 (Stripping (bō). Tests tempered soul, teach to confront challenges and take the inevitable. But he has an inner relationship with a superior man, and through this he attains the stability to free himself from the.

It is their nature to grow intricate spikes that will attach to the fur of passing animals. Observing the myriad of ways nature achieves reproduction shows a tapestry created without prejudice. To follow life, you build your foundation by cultivating whatever unique qualities life has given to you. You can then embrace the wondrous things that life brings to nourish your uniqueness.

You have the opportunity to bring light to others in their time of darkness.

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Regardless of the situation, all things are progressing as they should. Chin unchanging can show a situation that is stable and growing even while you may not see the progress.

Much has been developing underground long before the plant opens its leaves to the sun. Because of this germinating work, the situation can be founded upon stronger roots and a higher level of understanding. It may take some time to work out the kinks of ensuring that the goals of everyone are met.

What makes the situation difficult is that you have to recognize progress even in the face of opposition. Because of the opposition, the truth is arrived at and therefore, an opening occurs. You just have to trust the process to arrive at progress. Keep nurturing your vision with optimism while you wait. Changes to 21 Biting Through. You seem to be making progress when suddenly you are rebuffed.

Perhaps you have not gained the confidence of others or the path is not the right one. Stay calm and persevere anyway with generosity and warmth without frustration or anger.

I Ching Hexagram #35:

Give the situation time and you will recognize that you will be returned to the proper path. Like a bolt of insight, the obstacle gives you time to look deeper into the situation. Allow others to develop trust in you by remaining kind in heart. This enables you to achieve your desire. Changes to 64 Before Completion. Offer more than kind words. Be a conduit for love.

As love enters your life, calmly and automatically send it to others. The more good energy you generously give away the more you will get. This will be a time of awakening to your true life's purpose.

Changes in Line 1 "Surpassing Obstacles" As you are elevated to new heights, others can become vindictive or jealous. Let this negativity slide off you like rain drops. You are on your highest path. That is all you need to know. Changes in Line 2 "Transforming Fear" The wise person welcomes any challenges that accompany times of growth.

Hexagram 35 & relationships

All challenges are to be embraced. In this way they will be transformed. Your sense of confidence and inner love can turn fear into passion and excitement. Where earlier emotions flame blazed, soon total calmness and safety will be. Problems will successfully be resolved. Dangerous waves walk in the vast expanses of the blue ocean. There are a lot of different fears and worries.

The mountain begins to grow at the bottom of the ocean. The decision, how to stabilize the situation, begins to come from the depths of the subconscious.

Soon the mountain will come to the surface and push the ocean far beyond the horizon. The dangers will go away. Calmness, firm, quiet will fill the subtle plan. The enlightenment helps to eliminate the cause of anxiety, to solve the problem.