Hong kong canada relationship to britain

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hong kong canada relationship to britain

In the Second World War, Canadian soldiers first engaged in battle while defending the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong against a. Few countries have as close a connection to Hong Kong as Canada, of British Columbia who studies the relationship between Hong Kong. Canada's bilateral relations with Hong Kong reflect longstanding and , following years of British colonial rule, Hong Kong became a.

Ottawa, however, is well aware of their presence and impact.

Canada-Hong Kong Relations

It is equally true for residents of Hong Kong to consider Canada their natural home in North America. In contrast, the Hong Kong government told journalists there were only 16, Such sensitivities matter little to those like Li, who readily embrace their Canadian nationality while living thousands of kilometres away, swapping the maple leaf for the bauhinia. Li recalls little about Hong Kong before he migrated. He remembers going to kindergarten - "it was on a hill; I think it was on Garden Road" - and looking back he realises his family was "pretty well off".

The choice came down to San Francisco or Vancouver, but an easier immigration process in Canada won out. Li's mother was also concerned her two young sons might be drafted into the US military.

hong kong canada relationship to britain

Uncles and cousins - and more thanother Hongkongers in the s and 90s - eventually joined them. Li grew up, went to school and the Simon Fraser University and became thoroughly Canadian in the process.

But when he graduated from business and computer science studies, hiring froze in North America in the wake of the September 11 attacks. So he struck out for Hong Kong, where he had last lived when he was five. He said his numerous Hong Kong students UBC has been jokingly dubbed the University of a Billion Chinese "have a very fluid imagination" about their futures, with some saying they might continue to study in Canada, look for opportunities in Hong Kong or end up working in both places.

hong kong canada relationship to britain

Where do I go to school? Where do I work?

From Hong Kong to Canada and back: the migrants who came home from home | South China Morning Post

Where is my family? Now, you can see these people really living in different places at any one time.

hong kong canada relationship to britain

The post-handover rush back to Hong Kong, coupled with the Asian financial crisis, coincided with significant price falls in Vancouver. Researcher Nuowen Deng of Simon Fraser University found in a study of returnees that the safety net of "Canada's political stability and Canadian citizenship" was a key motivation for many Hongkongers when they decided to migrate.

This is reflected by immigration numbers, which exploded after the Sino-British joint declaration on Hong Kong, then plummeted after the smooth handover in Inmore than 44, Hongkongers arrived in Canada; now, the few hundred Hongkongers arriving in Canada each year are far outstripped by the thousands returning. A Canadian passport and education endows returnees with "greater human capital" in the eyes of employers, Deng said.

Canadian citizenship can be acquired after only three years of residency, helping explain the short tenure of many Hong Kong immigrants. Unlike the US, Canada does not tax citizens overseas. Dual Canadian citizenship has clear benefits for recipients, but carries potential downside from a wider perspective.

hong kong canada relationship to britain

Andy Yan, an adjunct professor of planning at UBC, said a city like Vancouver risked becoming "a global suburb of Hong Kong - a wonderful place to live and have a vacation home, but you don't do business or make a living there".

For Hong Kong, is it a benefit or a net loss to have these people splitting their time in Vancouver? Such a dramatic scenario might seem unlikely in Hong Kong, but the incident raises the uncomfortable question of how much responsibility a country should take for non-resident citizens, and whether immigrants who don't intend to stay even deserve passports.

Li seeks no free ride from the Canadian government. Initially he was working for his father's banking software firm in Hong Kong, flying back and forth to manage the company's Vancouver office.

hong kong canada relationship to britain

Almost a decade later, he's still there, no longer working for his father, but for a major local bank. Along the way, he reconnected with South Korean Kelly Lee; the couple had dated in Vancouver as students, but Lee moved back to South Korea and was also dividing her time in Hong Kong, where she was working in fashion.

They married in and live in Taikoo Shing. Although Li said he fits in perfectly in Hong Kong, he does not regard himself as totally local and his Cantonese has a Canadian twang. I didn't really have many local friends," he said. Accordingly, Canada was asked to provide one or two battalions for the purpose.

Lawson, sailed from Vancouver on October 27, These Canadian units had not received training as front-line troops, but war with Japan was not considered imminent and it was believed that they were going to Hong Kong for garrison duty. In the Japanese were in control of much of the area north of the New Territories-China border.

For the defence of the colony Major-General G.

Canada–Hong Kong relations

Maltby, commander of Hong Kong, had only a total force of some 14, which included naval and air force personnel and many non-combatants. Further, the defence of Hong Kong would have to be carried out without any significant air or naval defence. The nearest fully-operational RAF base was in Malaya, nearly 1, miles away.

Nor could Hong Kong offer much in the way of naval defence. All major naval vessels had been withdrawn, and only one destroyer, several gunboats and a flotilla of motor torpedo boats remained.