How to physically flirt with a shy girl

6 Tips for Subtly Flirting with Annoyingly Shy Guys

how to physically flirt with a shy girl

It's time for the shy girl to get the guy. COSMO But not too physical. One of the barriers of The Shy Girl is that she thinks she can't flirt. Here are 23 telltale signs a shy girl likes you and signs she's definitely not When a girl is playing with her hair, she is unconsciously flirting with you in a safe way. Accidentally On Purpose She Makes Physical Contact. You are interested in a shy girl and want to flirt with her to test the waters but Even better, point out a non-physical attribute about her that you like, such as her .

This is what makes you an individual. Do not really bother at the back of your mind what people are going to think about you. This does not mean you do not follow social ethics, but you should not refrain expressing your intentions with your guy by your preoccupied notions. Take the initiative to start a general conversation. Do not be in too much hurry to express your interest. Enjoy slight teasing but do not insult the other person. Eye contact is especially important when you talk to a guy.

You convey a lot without saying much. Remain calm and talk softly and confidently. Let the guy know that you are interested in him and love his company. Express sincere interest to spend time.

Do not lie about your personal views on something but avoid getting into arguments or heated discussions.

10 Signs A Shy Girl Likes You – See if she likes you too!

Naughty gestures can please sportive guys. Call him with funny names. Give a hug when you meet and leave. Wink at him with a naughty smile. Talk to him on subjects that interest to both of you. Do not fake your interests. Be playful but not sheepish. Start your conversation with a smile. Guys generally make the first move when it comes to dating or expressing their intentions to women. Many guys would approach and pursue females more boldly if they could tell from an early stage if their crush shared the same feelings.

So knowing the signs a shy girl likes you is important to reduce the fear of failure and to give guys more confidence in their pursuit.

how to physically flirt with a shy girl

Knowing the difference can be the key to hitting it off with your crush. Being able to tell the signs a shy girl likes you is important if you want to be successful on the dating scene.

Here are 17 steps to see the signs a shy girl likes you: She constantly offers to help you One way a shy girl might show that she likes you is by asking you if you need help with anything.

how to physically flirt with a shy girl

She might seek to help you pick something up or to offer assistance with a project or something. She Never Starts the conversation She never initiates the conversation but whenever you do, she always keeps interested for as long as you keep going. She would be relieved when you take the lead so that she can be comfortable by following along and enjoying your company.

How to Flirt if You Are a Shy Girl: 11 Steps (with Pictures)

She compliments you Even Though she might be shy, women know that compliments go a far way so she might give you a compliment every now and then. She might tell you she likes the way you walk or how you speak. This is a clear sign that she likes you. Or simply if you approach her alone or offer to get her lunch, see if she reacts by blushing.

She seems interested in your passions One obvious sign a shy girl likes you is she is going to make an appearance or just be present at things that matter to you. Or you might notice her at the coffee shop you frequent every morning.

This is her way of saying that she is open to liking the stuff that you do and hopes that you notice her and make the connection stronger. Fixing her skirt, straightening out her pants, ensuring her hair is in order constantly are things that she might do to ensure her image is pleasing to you.


Her fidgeting nervously and being worried about how she looks is a sure sign that she likes you without having to say a word. She laughs at all of your jokes If you noticed that she tends to laugh at every single joke you make — even the bad ones- then she likes you. Laughing at your jokes is a a very easy, low-risk way for a girl to suggest that she likes you.