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Merri's professional relationship with Jeff Buckley began in when she come along or even if you have any questions about the exhibition or Merri's talk. Download the Jeff Buckley J Files podcast on iTunes . Photographer Merri Cyr was a close friend of Buckley's throughout his life and took the . Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. . His varied influences, his complex relationship with his father's legacy, the strange way. To ask other readers questions about A Wished For Song, please sign up. .. This book is Merri Cyr's photographs of Jeff Buckley and quotes of people who all .

After the gig, I gave him a box of photos from our shoot.

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At first he pretended not to recognise me, but once he opened the box he got very excited and jumped on me and gave me a big hug. He had just been signed to Columbia Records, this was the beginning of his career in New York. He must have been about It was also the beginning of my career as a music photographer.

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I talked to him a few times in the next month, but it wasn't until eight months later that he called and left my answer machine full of messages asking me to shoot his first album cover even though Sony had already hired another photographer. He called me on a Friday and the shoot was the following Monday. That was my first album cover. I subsequently photographed his next album, Grace.

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I joined Jeff and his band on the road inand went on tour with them throughout Florida and Texas. Jeff allowed me to photograph him in an uncensored way: He wanted people to see his authentic self as opposed to a rock icon.

I photographed him when he was angry, tired, pissed off - most of the time people don't allow you to see those aspects of themselves, especially when they are in the process of being mythologised. I think he liked how I saw him through the camera - which hopefully was with empathy. But even after a year of it being out, he was still more a cult artist getting great reviews than he was a superstar.

The shows booked in Australia on that first tour were pretty modest size rooms — nothing like the big theatres he played on his follow up tour here in He knew this was an important show and that there was a lot riding on it for his growing popularity here.

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All in his camp agreed afterwards it was a good one. It was simply a thrill to be a music fan and there that night to soak it all up.

The record only managed th spot in his native US, though Buckley's mother believes this was due to his label wanting to build his profile slowly. If you ever poured your heart out to Jeff Buckley via fan mail, there's a good chance he took what you wrote to heart.

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He got a lot of very touching letters from Australian fans which he kept as keepsakes. And he was not a keeper of things.

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But there were some really powerful letters that he got from some of the Australian fans about how his music touched them. I think that really endeared them to him as well.

She also attests to how much the singer loved our country.