M3 sono kuroki hagane ending relationship

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m3 sono kuroki hagane ending relationship

[Spoilers] M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane Episode 1 Discussion (shizutetsu.info) . Mari Okada is good at characters and relationships, even if she's not the best .. I mean c'mon the things she tries to do near the end almost made me. M3: The Dark Metal (M3〜ソノ黒キ鋼〜, Emu Surī: Sono Kuroki Hagane, lit. Because her guardians had no real love for her, she ended up neglected and While searching on her old writings, she finds her connection with Emiru; when they. [Spoilers] M3: Sono Kuroki Hagane Episode 7 Discussion (shizutetsu.info) I can't tell but the end and the words the doctor said about "the three of . We sort of got some explanation as to why, the past marked this relationship.

Are you serious with me right now? Minashi is delivering his villain speech, but it feels like his voice is going to crack at any moment. Minashi wants everyone to be one.

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Finally, Sasame shows up to help Akashi… and she really just says the same thing as him: I thought she was going to morph into a Corpse-like thing too! And what does he get? He gets killed off for no damn reason just because Okada wanted to bring Heito back into the picture.

How can you say these lines without laughing your ass off? Minashi gets the upper hand and starts trying to absorb Akashi again. So what now, you guys?

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Finally, all the hate and painful emotions got the Corpse, so now it no longer wants to fight. Honestly, the whole thing just comes out of left field. The Corpse has received almost no development as a character. All of a sudden, it cries, so Tsugumi cries, then she atones for her sins, then the whole LIghtless Realm disappears… just like that. The Corpse started to melt… I guess?

m3 sono kuroki hagane ending relationship

So to revert the effects of all the Necrometallizing stuff, you simply need to restore your memories! Or something like that. Gosh, not letting your girlfriend win.

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Aoshi is still dead, though. What did she eat? What did she do to bathe herself? What happened when she went through puberty? What makes this rendition of that arc stand out, in concept at, is the sort of struggle he has to go through. It impressed me for how speedy it happened, skipping countless unneeded scenes of moping and angsting while still keeping enough in to be natural.

Following from that, other characters are willing and able to call out his faults: And nobody knows that more than Akashi himself; his entire first half arc is dedicated primarily to him trying to become a legitimately good person. On paper this sound like a brilliant arc, a true delve into a character and their psychological makeup.

Stumbling blocks arrive, however, when it becomes apparent that this is only an issue for the first half. It tries to, yes, and we are given a key moment in his past to extentuate this.

But that moment is, while somewhat interesting, ultimately lacking any true impact. Impact is the key word here; the pieces are here for a truly fascinating character, yet it lacks the true push needed to have it be truly powerful. It leaves us with a character that is just somewhere in the middle; not truly hateable but not entirely likeable either. None of the other main characters have the same amount of detail put into their stories.

m3 sono kuroki hagane ending relationship

Someone who would do anything to show her life had meaning and climb her way to some importance, yet delivered in way that elicited sympathy rather than overall douchebaggery.

Which made it more of a shame when her story was abruptly cut off. The other one, Isaku, is a much weaker character, being your run of the mill edgelord psychotic with a fetish for terror.

The two other characters, Iwato and Raika, exist only for the sake of existing if nothing else.

m3 sono kuroki hagane ending relationship

As for the remaining three, thankfully, go through some sort of change in personality. The most interesting one was Mahmu the black haired onewho managed to cram her entire character arc in one episode and yet still had it come off as extremely well done. The last two main characters, Sasame and Minashi, have their arcs tied to some spoilery moments, so going into detail would be difficult, Sasame in particular, though on the whole I thought she was a bit weak.

Minashi, contrarily, is the one character I actively disliked, but I feel that was the intent.

m3 sono kuroki hagane ending relationship

He was often an off kilter character, and in the second half came repeatedly in conflict with Akashi. Most of my dislike came from his continued insistence that if everyone were connected nobody would hurt anyone and that Akashi was unintentionally hurting everyone because of that.

Thankfully, the last act of the show made it clear that I was meant to dislike him, and he ended up being one of the more interesting characters. The one side I took a real shine to was the main scientist Natsuiri. Since he more often than not explains the fascinating sci fi parts of the show, that could be the main reason why I liked seeing him. But he was always a blast to watch.

The only issue I see with him is his backstory momentarily stumbled in trying to make him sympathetic. It would seem that a lack of proper time allocation was they key flaw with the characters.

The dialogue is, thankfully, well written and natural for the most part. To once again compare to Kiznaiver, the cast was too big and their focus spread too thin. Something like Infinite Ryvius had a massive cast of characters yet nearly all of them felt very human, with the ones with most focuses being some of the most well written in the medium.

It takes skill to have a large cast all come off as likeable, a skill M3 sorely lacks. Everything simply felt hollow to me. Like the characters, the animation is a mixed bag on the whole. Studio Satelight was busy around this time, having just finished Season One of Log Horizon and concurrently developing another obscure mech show in Nobunaga the Fool.

As such, the 2D animation is all over the place. They range from genetically appealing to forgettable to the aforementioned Bakugo-ness of Isaku. Nothing special, yet it works good enough. The background work is also very strong, particularly when it comes to the Lightless Realm. Yet something about it all seems cheap.

m3 sono kuroki hagane ending relationship

Something about how the characters moved and how sometimes their designs would fluctuate depending on distance. Even the backgrounds struggle by the fact that they can get really dark at times.

Not dark thematically, like black dark. Ah, but this is a mecha, right? We can overlook drab character design if the mecha are awesome. So, how are they? To answer that question, CG. They are all CG. Understandably, some are upset about mechs becoming more computer animated compared to the hand drawn goodness of days past. But this is par for the course for Satelight.

Their mechs have always been CG, and that experience shows. At the very least the action scenes are well shot and are quite enjoyable to watch. The Admonitions and the Corpse fare much better, with designs that are unique and eye catching.

Admittedly, the Admonitions sometimes look like a jumbled mess of CG crystals, but on the whole they pass alright. Though that could be said of the animation as a whole: Similarly, the soundtrack is serviceable, yet on the whole nothing special.

Most of the memorable tracks only stand out because they use that weird slide whistle-esque sound from the X Files opening. The opening and endings are quite nice though. Though ED2 is entirely english, which is unique.

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The voice acting is well done, with every actor sounding right for each line read. Potential can only go so far, and M3 proves it in spades. It had the potential to be psychologically complex and beautifully characterized; yet it only scratched the surface and failed to dig any deeper. Despite my thoughts on the whole I certainly have no regrets watching it.