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monsieur hire ending relationship

Monsieur Hire (Michel Blanc) is an ageing, truculent loner who indulges in The film is under 80 minutes long, you realize at the end that most of this especially when Hire develops a relationship with the woman he's been. Patrice Leconte's "Monsieur Hire" is a tragedy about loneliness and That relationship seems pretty standard for a film noir; he seems to be a witless Then the ending wraps everything up, but not to everyone's satisfaction. Monsieur Hire [VHS]: Michel Blanc, Sandrine Bonnaire, Luc No normal, spontaneous, interpersonal relations. There is a surprise ending which I will not reveal but seems logical considering the motives of each character.

One of my favorite French films, elegant but unconventional. The rawness of this film, is not to be put in words. Sufficient performance by Monsieur Hire, though. The character Monsieur Hire who wears a dark suit as if he is going to attend a funeral or maybe Hire is paying homage to Alfred Hitchcock, who knows?

Hire enjoys listening to classical music, enjoys playing with small mice, feeding the pigeons, and looking at an attractive female across from his window. Hire is a lonely man with not much going on until he becomes a suspect of murder near his flat. Patrice Lacontice's picture isn't all terrible it makes one ask questions as to what is going on, especially when Hire develops a relationship with the woman he's been looking across from his flat.

What about the murder? Lacontice doesn't even show anything about it except that a fed is on to him. The woman seems to be an exibitionist who at first is scared when Hire is looking across from her flat, but that fear goes away quickly, she isn't afraid to roam around in her house while he watches, and pretty soon these two will have hidden motives that won't be revealed untill later on. Brian R Super Reviewer A dark suspenseful tale of obsession, deception, and betrayal.

Hire likes to watch. His neighbor seems not to mind. A match made in heaven? A police inspector keeps the plot on a low simmer, and the end, while not unexpected, still has the power to shock. Slow action, little dialogue, and a haunting score make this a very visual little film. A huge hit, it launched a series of popular comedies. He changed the course of his career with Monsieur Hire but recently returned to the comedies that began his career: My Best Friend, the reunion comedy Le bronzes 3: He makes the desire and longing palpable.

He captures sex in the sensation of hands stroking flesh and bodies making contact and his camera is like a hungry lover caressing his love. The objects of his desire take on an idealized quality because Leconte presents them as seen by our protagonists.

Two of his most sensual films debuted DVD this week from Severin: And if they are dramatically slight compared to other films in his career, they are completely given over to the fleeting pleasures of desire and passion, the fragility of love, the effervescent joys of physical love and the bittersweet emotions revived by remembrance. I interviewed Patrice Leconte inwhen he was the guest of honor at the Seattle International Film Festival. I run this revised version to celebrate the release for the two new Leconte DVDs.

Though fluent in English, M. Leconte is more comfortable in French and he relied upon interpreter Jerome Patoux to translate his answers M. Leconte understood my end of the conversation just fine.

Many of your films are very romantic, but they are also about the intensity of love and friendship. Pierre, the Captain and wife Daniel Auteuil and Juliette Binoche are so in love that they will do anything for love and its transformative. I find that unique in your films. I always thought that cinema was an incredible to tell love stories.

You can take people who are living a love story really, really far. You can take off from reality and then you can be much more intense than what you would be in real life. Pierre is, first of all, an incredible love story.

monsieur hire ending relationship

The love story in Intimate Strangers is must more toned down and suggested, but in the end they are all love stories. In Intimate Strangers, the love story is transformative. It changes his life completely and positively. And then, in a sense, you have already smelled that perfume before them and so you know, before them, that they are actually falling in love with each other.

Interview: Patrice Leconte - "Life is already too serious" - Parallax View

That diffused feeling is what really touched me. At the screening I saw, I think many people in the audience felt that Intimate Strangers had a sad ending. The characters fell back into their old relationship.

Monsieur Hire (1988)

I find it a happy ending, that they had rediscovered their friendship and from there things might progress. Quite often, I had a bad ending in my movies. Pierre is even less happy, and so on. Not because I want to do a stupid movie with a stupid, syrupy happy ending, I simply want the movies that I do from now to slope up rather than slope down. You can see that in Girl On The Bridge before that, where they get their happy ending.

Monsieur Hire

Reality is right there, all day long, all around you. Imagine somebody leaving reality to go into a theater, and then seeing reality there on the screen.

In The Man On The Train, when Jean Rochefort meets Johnny Halliday — it could be a love story between two men — he escapes his reality through meeting this gangster and living his romantic outlaw fantasy through him.

You once said that Johnny Halliday always wanted to make a comedy. Are you going to make a comedy with Johnny Halliday? You mentioned that you made all these films with tragic endings, yet your first five or six or seven films were all lighthearted comedies.

monsieur hire ending relationship

How do you explain the transition from making these very light films to making much more serious and dark films? I felt good doing pure comedies at the beginning of my career because that would correspond to my mindset at the time.

But then one day I started to do different things.

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