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Jan 2, I just started I Hear Your Voice (another Noona Romance story) and have 25 4) The Noona fights against the relationship but the dongsaeng. Dating Advice · Dating and Relationships. Who is your favourite Noona- Dongsaeng couple, a romantic relationship between a younger guy and a lady who is a. baby face beauty Dongsaeng-like noona with an oppa-like younger . “I Need Romance 3″ Episode 3 Spoiler Stills | Couch Kimchi Romance, Relationships.

Regardless of gender, there may be a point when an age gap creates a situation where one party has control, and that's where it becomes a problem for me. A difference in life status This is generally where I fall. I don't know that there's some magic number where you're too old for the other person, but I tend to feel a little iffy cheering for couples who are in completely different stages of life.

The big objection is that high school students aren't adults and yes, we can quibble about consent laws state to state, but that's not the point. Yes, Min Suk is mature for an year-old but we need to note that it's 18 in Korea, which means that he's only 17 by western countingbut he still has a full year of high school left.

Soo Young, on the other hand, has been out of college for several years, which means that her life experiences are very different from his. Not only is she an established adult, but she acts as the primary mother figure for a girl Min Suk's age.

That's why, when she comforts him at the end of episode 12, it was hard for me to see it in a non-maternal way. I could go on about brain development and stuff, but you get the point. That's not to say that cases like this don't or can't work out.

It's also not to say that I dislike this drama or the actors in it because I love Seo In Guk in this role. It's just to say that it's more likely to make me, as a viewer, hesitate before being able to cheer them on wholeheartedly. Both were consenting adults. Both had lived independent lives for several years. Both had previous dating experience that put them on equal footing. Both of them also knew about the age gap from day 1, so they entered the relationship with eyes wide open.

If we apply the gender-reversal rule here, it still applies. A year-old man dating a year-old girl would give me pause.

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A larger age gap between adults like the one in Prime Minister and I doesn't really bother me. The actors' actual ages Now this one's interesting to me, and I'm curious to hear what all of you think about it. Some people worry less about the ages of the characters and more about the literal age gap between the actors themselves.

He's also 26 years old, not To give a contrasting example, there has been some recent controversy over the casting in High School--Love On, where Nam Woo Hyun is 23 in real life, but his costar, Kim Sae Ron, is only I can see why actor ages would impact our feelings about the onscreen couple, but I also feel like we should give the actors credit if they can play a convincing role.

Seo In Guk has been incredible at capturing the mannerisms of an year-old boy. Should viewers discount that effort because he's 26 in real life? This isn't a perfect comparison, but in some ways, it reminds me of the complaints in romance movies when a gay actor plays a straight character or vice versa.

If they're acting out a fictional story either way, why should their real life make a difference in how we view the characters? Conclusions Like I said at the beginning, I go back and forth in my feelings about King of High School, and I'm genuinely curious to hear how everyone else feels. Does age ever matter? Do you have a hard time watching certain dramas?

Or do you wish everyone would shut up and let your favorite characters fall in love in peace? And the heroine writes erotic romance stories for a porn magazine as her day job, so there are some hilarious fantasy reenactments of her stories that pepper the drama.

Unstoppable High Kick The premise: This is the first of the High Kick series of popular family sitcoms that feature multigenerational households full of wacky hijinks and lots of heart. He lives up to the rebel moniker to a tee, fistfights and motorcycle and all. Much like Biscuit Teacher, this troublemaker meets his match in homeroom teacher Seo Min-jung, who takes an interest in changing him for the better.

He spends a good deal of time making her life miserable, but when she refuses to give up on him, he falls head over heels and proceeds to do all manner of adorable puppy things for the teacher he secretly loves. But it also pulls the angst strings a little more because of it, to great effect. Here the one-sided love feels more doomed, and therefore plays up the achingly sweet gestures of affection that go unnoticed by the heroine, that only the hero and the audience are privy to.

I dare you not to become a puddle of goo.

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Three thirtysomething girlfriends tackle dating, work, friendship, and love with a sense of humor. Kim Bum and Park Jin-hee play a significant age gap, but the problems are also those of adults who have dated, not the undying first love of a teenaged rebel. It just also happens to then deal with the specific struggles of dating a noona, from the basic What do I call her? Baby-Faced Beauty The premise: She gets off on the wrong foot with the hero, but they eventually become workplace friends and confidantes.

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Age is most definitely the central conceit, challenge, and conflict in Baby-Faced Beauty. The lie goes on for long enough that the dynamic is firmly established by the time it gets all shaken up and needs to be redefined. Suddenly Daniel Choi goes from talking comfortably in banmal with Jang Nara to stuttering in jondae, catching himself in fits and starts and feeling terribly uncomfortable with how everything is suddenly backwards.

Flower Boy Ramyun Shop The premise: A teenage boy is raised in a bizarre bubble of wealth and privilege, wanting for nothing in the world except the ability to understand human emotions. This drama has no realistic characters whatsoever. They soon move to a ramyun shop that becomes the main backdrop for the series, and the rich hero takes up a part-time job there just to be closer to the heroine. Or yunno, you could just check your brain at the door and watch it for the kisses.

Mmmm, Jung Il-woo kisses. Wait, what was I talking about? I Do, I Do The premise: An aimless slacker has a one-night stand with a successful bossypants shoe designer. The setup is better than the execution in this drama, but it does feature a unique pairing between an alpha heroine and a beta male, no qualifiers, no hedging.

But Lee Jang-woo makes up for the warmth in the pair with his adoring noona-loving ways.