Prayer begins with relationship by cynthia bezek durst

prayer begins with relationship by cynthia bezek durst

I've been using Xmarks for years, way back when it first started as FoxMarks. I trust it (you) so wouldn't like to build that relationship elsewhere. I pray for the best and keeping my wallet ready - U'r fan Alexander. Tanisha Marshall; Søren Mondrup; Nathanael Wallis; Cynthia Giles; Nana Asomani-Nyarko; MarkE . adolphus adommin adonai adonibezekthe adonic adonis adopt adoptand .. beginned beginner beginners beginning beginnings begins begirdled begirt .. cynic cynical cynically cynicism cynosure cynthia cypher cypress cypresses .. durer durers duress durham during durkee durkin durrell durst durward dusenberg. Garfield Farm Museum operations director Bill Wolcott in started doing However, the many personal relationships that she developed with students and .. Carina Bosh, Cynthia Bostic, Ann Boula, Edward Bowles, Brooke Boyapati, . Diane Dunbar, Terrance Dunnington, Allison Duprey, Juli Duran, Sara Durst.

What you should say is: If you are willing to pay; enter the pledge, if not, then here are some alternatives: Not everybody will click to your blog to find out they why-and-wherefore. I strongly urge you to send out another email that specifically focuses on this PledgeBank effort. We're all so used to having these too few excellent utilities just vanish, it's almost second nature to often bitterly accept it. Xmarks is too useful, and too many people depend on it, to give up without a fight.

It's saved me hundreds of hours, and endless aggravation. You are complaining about money but there is no donation link on the website! I'm still willing to pay monthly fees but seriously, it looks to me like you really just wanna stop working on this.

ADD the freaking donate link to the website! I'm glad to see how many people enjoy Xmarks as much as me today! Xmarks team, don't forget to send out another email about this PledgeBank! I would be willing to pay even more if I could share image blocking.

That's what, a nickel a day? As far as I'm concerned, you have NO competition in the cross-browser, multiple-computer field. I would really miss this if you go. You could then offer a premium unlimited service for 9. Look at the Apple Apps people making selling very low priced apps. You have already shown you can build volume I'll pay to keep it alive. Can I make 2 payments? This is my favorite tool. I don't care about any other replacement services I've grown quite attached to Foxmarks over the years.

I'm sorry I did that thing that made you mad. Baby, will you stay? Thank you for staying. No cross-browser, no profiles, and amazingly no automatic sync on browser close. Yes, it's better than no sync at all, but it doesn't hold a candle to Xmarks. Xmarks Sync is reliable and useful even though my synchronization is only across 20'. This service helps keeps things up to date between my two machines. It's demise would be a very sad event, really. I hope they will find a business model to go on.

And, if I pay for it I expect for it to be updated improved and kept commercial free! For weeks I thought it was all a hoax. I kept waiting for it to come out and say: I mean, its even smart enough to let me know when I've accidentally deleted a folder by telling me I'm suddenly missing a lot of favorites.

How can you beat that!? It grew, and I grew with it. I absolutely cannot function with all my favorites and folders on any other sync tool. As others have stated - I've used it for years.

It was the second add-on I installed for FF. This is how software is supposed to work. It doesn't mess up, crash or bog down the system. I use it on the three computers I have at home plus my PC at work. They should have no problem reaching their K goal in time. They'll probably have that many before the weekend is over.

Let the hungry children starve, but give me my Xmarks! You can have my cross-browser bookmark sync service when you pry it from my cold, dead computer! Oh yeah, and Google has enough of "my data" already. It would be sad to see it go. I'd start today if I could I only saw this pledge because I clicked on the "more details" link in your email about shutting down.

PLEASE send the pledge invitation out as an email to all 2, users so they all have the opportunity to decide. Thanks again for a great service! The time-savings -- and peace of mind! If so, I will use that. If the pledges fall short, will the maintainers open source the product?

Perhaps a co-operative approach might help? The more the merrier and cheaper per member. Would definitely pay for it. I don't know what I'd do without xmarks, as I use it across 3 different browsers, 2 which I use all the time - and have been using it for 4 years!

Would hate to switch, but would be absolutely happy to pay! D You should email all your users again letting them know this pledge is here - I only found it because I happened to reload the blog page where you were suggesting other services to replace yours, and saw the link. The categories are of most value. Philosophers have debated the categories of being for thousands of years. Now you have a plausible method for measuring them.

Don't charge for the service. Charge for access to the data. Market researchers along the lines of Motive Quest should have a field day with this data. What good is answering the why if you don't know the what? Tag suggestion is pretty awesome, too, but not a deal-breaker.

And I'd still love to see tagging come to Safari--but, again, not a requirement. Ultimately, I'd prefer a one-time fee to a subscription service, but if server space is the major cost, I understand why subscription makes the most sense. What more can I say. If that's the price, count me in. I really appreciate Xmarks. I only learned of this pledge drive through Lifehacker, and I would have been disappointed if I'd missed it because you didn't email me! Why didn't you ask us for money before you concluded no one would pay?

Why didn't you send this page in an email, alerting people to it. It kind of feels like you actually want your service to die because you're not taking logical steps to keep it alive. I shudder to think of my online life without Xmarks. Your service is soooo useful. I hope enough people will be ready to pay. I'd hate to see you go away. Hell, it's a bargain at 60 bucks a year!

Don't give up; you will be successful! The Xmarks add-on is typically the first one I add to any new browser installation and I have recommended the service to many colleagues and friends as an indispensable productivity tool. This pledge has my support and that of thousands of other satisfied customers, it would appear! After learning XMarks would close down two days ago, I loaded Sync I'll definitely be spreading the word!

Make this fantastic app live and send me a 10 dollar bill. So that means it costs million dollars a year to run and keep those running it on an income? If it costs that much, it's clear why this service is shutting down. I really like this program. It is very easy to use. Please don't go, I love this add on, I don't want to see it go. The password sync has also been useful, although I've been wondering if further development could be done to create separate profiles.

Your implementation of password syncing has been more reliable than Citrix's! Alternatively, I would be open to if the software were modified to support other backends if they'd like to offload some of their server costs if XMarks would like to create a different longer-term future for the product.

Above all, I appreciate the effort put into this product over all these years I have been a happy user and content user. If you don't continue this endeavor I would still be interesting to hear about your future projects.

And down on Scottie's computer in Engineering, and on his flip-up communicator down on the planet, and on the space dock. You think HE would have been happy if we let this thing die Now? But Seriously, THIS kind of cross platform-omni available application is why and how "The Net" is finally useful and has seen such explosive growth.

Before XMarks I spend a lot of time switching between browsers in search for the right bookmark Since I started to use XMarks, everything have been right there in the bookmarks bar on all of my computers and in any browser. Could you make another pledge about opensourcing Xmarks for concrete amount? It's great service with some minor issues and it shouldnt vanish in oblivion.

Masonic serv ice will be held at 7 p. Preceded in death by husband, Carl H. School teacher at former Dale High School. Family will re ceive friends from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. Wednesday at Geisel Funeral Home, Dale, where funeral service will be held at 11 a. Survived by daughter, Shirley Romaine, wife of Donald W. Y4 and Leonard, Cleveland, Ohio. Formerly employed at Home Baking Co.

Interment, Lloyd Cemetery, Ebensburg. Beloved husband of 68 years, Mary Raunikar ; father of An thony, Angeline Phillips, and Louis; 11 grandchildren, 21 great-grandchil dren. Nastase was a longtime member of the deaf community, being self-employed and hiring many deaf employees while teaching them to be self-suportive.

Funeral arrangements by Beinhauers. Friends welcome at W. Preceded in death by parents; wife, Mary Loretta Mangus; brother, Jo seph. Army veteran, World War II. Entomb ment, Grandview Mausoleum. Thursday at Francis G. Preceded in death by sisters, Virginia Brawley and Rosemond Schendel. Survived by these brothers and sister: Father received his early education in public schools of Traf ford. Earned a graduate degree in music from the Catholic University, Washington, and was a teacher of music, organist and skilled builder and repairman of pipe organs from until illness forced his retire ment several years ago.

Friends' received from 2 to 7 p. Francis Monastery on the campus of St. Francis College, Loretto, where a scriptural wake service will be held at 7: Thursday at the Immacu late Conception Chapel on the cam pus and where Mass of Christian Bur ial will be celebrated at 1 p.

Edmund Carroll, TOR, minister provincial, celebrant. Interment, Franciscan Friar Ceme tery, Loretto. Preceded in death by husband, Fran cis A. Patricia Ham mond, Gaithersburg, Md. Sister of Harold, Johnstown; and Wade, Ohio.

Member of Trinity Lutheran Church. Preceded in death by parents; wife; brother, Pe ter; and sister, Anna Sempeti. Brother of John Homyak; and Mrs. Margaret Stackhouse, both of Johnstown; and Mrs. Madeline Sop, Lyons, Member of Pleasant Val ley Golf Course. Member of Christ tfee Sayiour, Cathedral. Family re quests, in lieu of flowers, donations be given in Divine Liturgies or Masses, in memory of Andrew. Born Sept 30, son of Earl M. Preceded in death by father, Earl M.

Survived by mother, Dorothy R. Member of Conemaugh Church of the Brethren. Served in Brethren Volunteer Service for twoyears. Deer Park Road, Gaith ersburg, Md. Younkins brother-in-law will offici ate. In lieu of flowers, please make contributions to Conemaugh Church of the Brethren. Survived by wife; two sons; two daughters; moth er, four brothers and four sisters. Fu neral service, 10 a. Interment, Chris tian LighrXemetery. Arrangements in charge of S.

Gerald Weaver Funer al Home, Woodbury. Preceded in death by parents; and sisters, Elizabeth; Ann, wife of Francis E.

Also survived by seven nephews and nieces; five grandnephews and grandnieces. Army veteran of World War II. For mer employee of Haw! Member of United Lutheran Society and St.

John's Evangelical Lutheran Church. Thursday in Francis G. Funeral service will be held at 11 a. In lieu of flowers, family requests me morial contributions be made to American Cancer Society. Billetdeaux and Agnes Burger: Preceded in death by father, two brothers and one sister. Army veteran of Korean Conflict Retired from U. Steel, with 34 years' service. Death breaks a marriage union of 40 years.

Friday at George E. Friday, followed by the Rosary recited by the Ladies Guild. Mass of Christian Burial, 8: Andrew's church, Father Joseph Maurizio. Preceded in death by par ents; husband, George W. Family will receive friends 2 L, to 4 and 6 to 9 p. Friday and from 10 a. Saturday at Homer J. George Funer al Home, Salix, the Rev. Interment, Dunmyer Ceme tery. Dunlo American Legion Ladies Auxiliary will hold a service at 8 p.

Family will receive friends from 2 to A and7 to 9 p. Military grave side rite by PostVFW. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10 a. Entombment, Grandview Mausole um. Also sur vived by son-in-law, William Blum, Johnstown. Fri day, the Rev. Also preceded in death by husband, Robert E. Priest, in ; and brother, Wallace Mabon.

Lohr, married to Bonnie L. Fritz, Somerset; Robert J. Priest, married to Karen A. Henderson; and Terry L. Priest, married to Debra A. Daugherty, New Florence; Marcia A.

Priest, Stacy ft; Priest, Adam W. Tomalson and Brandon R. Sitman; three great-grandchildren, Trevor J. Lohr and Landon A. Fondly remembered for her delicious baked goods and candies.

Friday and Saturday at Ken neth A. Stuart Funeral Home, New Florence, where service will be held at 2 p. Interment, Bethel Ceme tery. Francis Mary Ellis, Norfolk, Mass. David Wilma Hatt Newfane, N. No prior visita tion. A memorial service will be held Saturday, April 20, at 2 p. Arrangements by Hardison Funeral Homes Inc.

prayer begins with relationship by cynthia bezek durst

Preceded in death by parents; wife, former Isabelle Fingerhoot; and sis ter, Olga Harbart. Survived by chil dren: Brother of Thelma Quesell, Hartford, Conn. Retired millwright with Bethlehem Steel Corp. Former president of Johns town-franklin Credit Union. Member of Zion Lutheran Church. Monday from Zion Luther an Church, the Rev. Interment, Oak Cem etery.

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Survived by wife, former Hazel G. Smay, and these children: Kathleen McGarvey, Blairsville R. Brother of Margaret Sprinkle, Johns town. Retired employee of Conrail. Friday at Kenneth A.

Stuart Funeral Home, New Florence, where service will be held at 11 a. Brother of' Tressie Bond, Minden, La. Active for many years with the Boy Scouts and Explorer Post.

Retired from Bethlehem Steel Corp. Was a union steward. Served in Merchant Marines in World War n. Attended Vo-Tech for heating and air conditioning maintenance.

prayer begins with relationship by cynthia bezek durst

Was an in come tax consultant Friends re ceived from 6 td 9 p. Funeral Home, Central Ave. Memorial service will be held at 4 p. Mark's Episcopal Church,the Rev. Saturday at the funeral home. Construction worker Local Shamrock Construc tion Co.

Visitation from noon to 9 Fri day at W. Hardy Valley Chapel, Louisville, Ky. Inter ment, Bethany Memorial Cemetery. Also survived by numer ous nieces and nephews. Last surviv ing member of immediate family. Former active member of the First Church of the Nazarene. Friday at Geisel Funeral Home, Dale, where funeral will be held at 2 p. Interment, Mount Lebanon Cemetery.

Josephine, 95, Southmont Blvd. Preceded in death by husband, John L. Sister of William, Greens;: Son of late Jo seph and Charlotte Niessner Pfefferl. Petersburg, Fla; and eight grandchil dren. Born May 12,in Johnstown, daughter of Mar tin J. Survived by daughters, Debra K. Inter ment, Richland Cemetery. Survived by wife, former Gladys A. Bonk; and these children- Nick, married to former Rebecca Whitfield; Deborah, wife of Dennis Strazisar, and Barry, married to for mer Deirdra Michael, all of Johns town; also grandchildren: Formerly employed at for mer Acme Markets.

Retired from Southern Alleghenies. Sat urday, the Rev. Son of Daniel R. Preceded in death by parents; granddaughter, Kara; and sister, Joanne. Survived by wife for mer Catherine Dowling Evans; chil dren: Attorney - Daniel R. Long-time practicing Cambria County surgeon Graduate of St. Board certified general, and vascular surgeon. Past president of Cambria County and Pennsylvania Medical societies.

Mem ber and past president of Sunnehanna Country Club. Vice chairman, Board of Trustees of St. Francis College Re cipient of St. Francis College Distin guished Alumnus Award. Avid hunter, sportsman, and golfer. Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11 a. In lieu of flowers, those who wish may make a contribution to Our Mother of Sorrows School Computer Fund in his memory.

Sister of Ada Lentz, Indiana, Pa. Member of Central City Christian Church. Saturday at Deaner Funeral Home Stoystown, where service will be held at 2 p. Sunday, Evangelist Eric Smith officiating. A year member of locals 4 and 9, Bricklayers Union. Member of St Patrick's Catholic Church, where fu neral service will be held at 10 a. Friends received from 2 to 9 p. Sunday at Moriconi Funeral Home Inc. Mass of Christian Burial, 11 a.

Complete obituary in Sunday's paper. George An thony Jr. Preceded in death by sister, Marga ret G. Survived by wife, Caroll Lynn Montgomery; children: Montgomery Esquire, Altoona; Richard G. Montgomery, Pittsburgh; Matthew C. Lynn Allison, wife of. Watkins, Cascais, Portugal; and Steve E.

Morocco, Egg Harbor, N. Brother of Miss Joanna L. Mont gomery, Elizabethtown, Pa.

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Also sur vived by 13 grandchildren. A graduate of Hollidaysburg High School. A graduate of Juniata College. A graduate of Jefferson Medical School. He was a general practitioner in Altoona from ; a urologist Allegheny Hospital, Pittsburgh; and to present in Somerset, Pa. Past board member of Pa. Service will be conducted 11 a. Monday, April 22,in Friedens Lutheran. Ling officiating; viewing at the church from 10 a. Interment, Somerset County Memorial Park. Preceded in death by parents; and brother, Lester.

Survived by hus band, Jerome "Jerry" Siegal, Holli daysburg. Death ends a marriage union of 44 years. Friends received from 10 a. Preceded in death by parents; brother, Robert Gochnaur, sister, Beatrice Blunt; and half brothers and sister. Survived by husband of 58 years, Andrew Kuntz, and these children: Monday until 10 a.

Saturday and 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. Sunday at Fran cis G. Price and Zeitha Campbell Price-Hammer. Preceded in death by stepfather, Robert Ham mer, and sister, Karen L. Joel Edward and Tyler Rob ert, both at home. A graduate of Conemaugh Valley High School. He was a loving and devoted husband and father and enjoyed the outdoors, especially Softball, landscaping and gardening. Last employed at First Mississippi Steel. Previously em ployed by Yanko Brothers Trucking Inc.

Michael, where funeral service will be held at 11 a. Mon day, the Rev. Interment, South Fork Cemetery. Friends received irom-s to 9 p. Sat urday and 2 to 4 and 7,to 9 p. Born May 31, in Clune, Pa. There will be no public visitation. A memorial service will be held at 4 p. Sunday at Vanport Presbyterian Church, offi ciated by his pastor, the Rev.

Preceded in death by husband oi 49 years, Francis "Red," and brothers, Melvin and Wilbur. Had attended the Ebensburg Evangelical Bible Church. Friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 p. Interment, Powell Cemetery, Cam bria Township. Helen Nagy, Scalp Level and. Member' of Grace; United Methodist Church: Friends will be received from 2 to 4 and 7 to 9 pjn.

Sunday at the Hauger- Zeigler Funeral. Home, Somereet Services wrill be conducted at p. Preceded in death by father.