Relationship status privacy settings facebook friends

How do I change my relationship status on Facebook without certain people knowing?

relationship status privacy settings facebook friends

While editing your profile under 'Family and Relationships', change the privacy filter to 'Only Me'. Hide relationship status change from your. You choose who can see your relationship status on your profile by using the Your partner may want to be able to share that they're in a relationship with you on their the relationship may appear on their profile, depending on their settings. We recommend the Friends setting over the Public one. Facebook Privacy: Check Your Status Update Settings on your email addresses, birthday, hometown, relationship status and other personal details about your life.

They still got along and had common interests, they just were not romantically compatible and trying to force it was making them miserable, so they stopped.

relationship status privacy settings facebook friends

But because they kept it low-key, A LOT of their friends did not know they had split. About 7 months later, when he and I had been dating for about a month, we decided to change our facebook statuses at the same time. We did not expect what happened next.

relationship status privacy settings facebook friends

Countless friends of his ex crawled out of the woodwork to bash him, thinking that he had spontaneously dumped her or was cheating. They publicly posted obscene, insulting comments and even sent him threatening messages in private. It took the ex a few days to catch up with the situation and call off the hounds, but that amount of time was enough for my SO to lose pretty much every person who had been a mutual friend of theirs.

Hide Your Facebook Status From One or Specific Friends

Not to mention the whole thing made him feel terrible for having left her, even though he knew it was right thing to have done. They guilt-tripped him so badly it took him months to get over it. And these were all adults, mind you. I'm not talking about awkward teenagers, here.

I guess the moral of the story is that you should always be cautious about how you handle these things, and even if you don't want to make a public spectacle of something like a break-up, you should probably try to keep people in the loop. We got back together 7 months ago and now we have 3 years and 2 months, and after a lot of time i finally trust him now, i saw he changed and i said ok it's time to change the status because i feel like thatand also put a picture.

Even if it's not that important to me, he refused because he said he dosen't want attention bla bla etc. If you want to change this for a particular post, go ahead and click on the down arrow. Public, Friends and Only Me.

How to Change Your Relationship Status on Facebook (with Pictures)

Below that you get more options like Friends except Acquaintances and then Custom. Below those options, Facebook will give you some custom lists that it creates on its own.

How to hide relationship status on Facebook mobile app

In order to exclude someone or an entire list, you have to click on Custom. This will bring up the Custom Privacy popup window. Here you can edit exactly who you want to share or not share the status update with.

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In my example above, everyone will see my post except the people in the Family list. You can type in individual names or pick from your lists. So is there any way for someone to find out that you hid a post from them on Facebook?

relationship status privacy settings facebook friends

Well, Facebook does not let the person know, unless you happen to tag them! From a technical standpoint on Facebook, the excluded people will have no way to know that you posted the status update.

Obviously, if someone mentions it outside of Facebook, you might be in trouble! You can also check this setting under the privacy settings in Facebook. Go ahead and click on the little lock icon at the top right.