Tales of graces main arc ending relationship

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tales of graces main arc ending relationship

More story, more character development, it basically picks up where the main story leaves off, and answers a few questions left by the ending. Tales of Graces is the twelfth mothership game in the Tales Series, and was Back from the Dead: It seems that Sophie does this at the beginning of the adult arc. .. to Asbel in Lineage and Legacies, accompanied by various marriage prospects. . the main plot starts until roughly the end of chapter 2 and start of chapter 3. For Tales of Graces f on the PlayStation 3, a GameFAQs message the end of the main arc, and didn't really consider the idea of marriage.

tales of graces main arc ending relationship

The f arc cleared it up further as to why Cheria sort of rejected Asbel and the reason is that she still have her own dreams that she wants to fullfill before marrying Asbel. She's now independent and stuff so she has things that she wants to do before actually settling down. Also it clears up the relationship between Asbel and Sophie as more of parent and a child or older brother and younger sister. First playthrough, I figured that purple hair and red hair could get a pink haired child.

So its the logical conclusion that they ended up getting together. They just don't really know how to express it to each other, I guess, but it is pretty clear that Cheria has largely spent her whole life waiting for Asbel to realize this.

I'd say the future arc makes this a bit more odd, since it raises more questions. At the end of the normal game, I'd have taken it that the child was supposed to simply be Cheria and Asbel's son, and that that scene was--at the very least or so years in the future though probably more.

Meaning that the child is several generations removed.

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It makes the scene a little weird, because How did Sophie age? Was it because she assimilated Little queen, much like Asbel assimilated Lambda? I mean, she aged noticeably but it wasn't a lot. Why did she age at all? If she isn't supposed to ever die, it doesn't really make sense that she aged at all, I guess Cult Follower User Info: Getting Crap Past the Radar: A young boy named Fiery Joe who thinks that getting smacked by his siblings is sometimes "kinda fun.

An appropriate namesince "telos" means "end" in Greek.

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Fitting that the Ghost City is on a Ghost Planet: Sophie even makes it a point in an optional skit that Emeraude was the last being of intelligence on Fodra, and even then, she was just a humanoid uploaded with Emeraude's memories and personality. Even taking into account the Little Queens, the fact Fodra has one small bit of nature left on the entire planet with living creatures that aren't, for all intents and purposes, zombies, and the fact the core is somewhat running, the planet has been torn asunder by war, then ground into a fine, orange, dusty paste by Lambda's monsters, and, as if the planet hadn't suffered enough, was purged of all humans by the Little Queen.

Essentially, Fodra has been through three apocalypses; no wonder Cornell and Emeraude were willing to risk it all to save the planet. Windor as well as the Arcadia Forest undoubtly have a storybook-idylic feel to them.

To get Sophie's Lv. However, you have to Dualize three of them using "Cashable" ingredients, items that the game explicitly tells you that you can sell for a nice sum. Good luck finding all the skits; many of them are in places one would never think to go back to, or in random locations you would otherwise never visit again once you get halfway through the final dungeon.

Still others are only available by entering an area and then returning to an area that you were just at. Did you forget to sleep at an inn?

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Fourier thinks this is true of Pascal, but Pascal claims that it's just that A. She gets caught up in her work and B. There never seems to be enough hot water around when she needs it. She later claims though that she fantasizes about stopping time, because she could stop time then she would never get any dirtier and she would never have to take a bath. Heir Club for Men: The Lhant lordship, which leaves Lhant in a tough spot when Aston dies and Asbel is absent.

Everyone you know is using guns, gun-sticks, sword-gun-sticks, gloves, glove-guns, magic, magic swords, boomerang swords Sophie also attempts it.

The first time you fight Hubert, it is impossible to win because he has to prove his superiority to Asbel.

Proof of Hubert's "loss" turning into a win. Pascal gets one in Lineage and Legacies in the Eleth Research Laboratory following the boss fight when the party realizes something is wrong with Fodra's core and she's asked if she has any ideas.

Cheria starts off as this but she rapidly recovers at the same time she receives her healing powers. You can also run across one in Fendel and you are rewarded by giving her plushies to keep her company. Malik, who use a boomerang-sword; Pascal, who uses a rifle-pole hybrid; Hubert, who uses a twin-blade which can separate into a pair of handguns. Kerri to Asbel in Lineage and Legacies, accompanied by various marriage prospects.

tales of graces main arc ending relationship

Justified, in order to continue the Lhant bloodline. Asbel's father Aston is an massive dick to him pretty much every time they're ever on screen together, though considering he dies early on, that's not long. Jerkass Has a Point: That said, Asbel is a complete brat as a kid and never does what he says, so his frustration is rather understandable.

tales of graces main arc ending relationship

At one point, you pass through a very poor town in Fendel. The houses are in terrible shape and you see two children one of whom is sick picking up cryas shards outside in the cold.

The party feels bad for them and Sophie gives them some cryas shards. Then you can rummage through their cupboards and steal their food. Collecting all the Magic Carta will spoil at least two minor plot points from Tales of Symphonia: Kratos is a Death Seeker and Presea's father will die.

tales of graces main arc ending relationship

Apparently being defeated by some kids seven years ago had done so much for him. Leaning on the Fourth Wall: A few of the victory quotes lean dangerously close: If you take off Malik's armour, the captain will ask Asbel why he did it at the end of the fight.

Asbel swears it wasn't his own decision, but can't explain it. Pascal wonders why there are always enemies around, and she suggests they wouldn't keep coming if someone wasn't profitting from them. The game has the sword of Asbel's father, Aston, which was a legendary eleth sword. When Asbel was in training as a knight, he sold the old, rusted sword for cheap to a traveling merchant called a "Turtlez" one of many in the gamenot realizing its history or potential.

Much later in the game, the player can buy it back for hefty premium and take it to the Amarcian Enclave and it turns out to be the extremely powerful Excalibur. Compared to most titles in the Tales series, it could possibly be the most family friendly game.

It doesn't have much Fanservice there's one Beach Episodebut no Hot Springs Episode and carries an overall light hearted tone. Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: Sophie is either an acrobat from the circus, or an assassin. Loved I Not Honor More: Asbel and Cheria develop this relationship. The former has a duty to his hometown, the latter wants to do humanitarian work around the world. Both of them want to be together, and are willing to wait despite the separation. During one subevent in Lineage and Legacies, Malik and Victoria end up in their swimsuits.

Victoria's suit is a very skimpy bikini, and the camera spends quite a bit of time focused on it.