Will lexington relationship nashville tv show

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will lexington relationship nashville tv show

When Nashville moved to CMT and Thirtysomething creators Ed Zwick and decision to incorporate more LGBT characters into the series' storylines. Will Zach and Will's relationship last or will Jakob get closer to the gay. Nashville is gearing up for its swan song. from the cast about what to expect from your favorite characters in season six. Jackson also hints that there will be "huge tests" for the couple's relationship along Will Lexington. His health is on the mend but will he find love in the final episodes? 'Nashville' Star Chris Carmack Previews the End of Will Lexington's Story He advises Will against a sham marriage and stops him from suicide. The actress and the actor appeared together in two seasons of the Fox series. Can you.

It's rock-er and sort of a combo of Avery's darkness, Will's showmanship and Gunnar's folksy stuff. But could we see a reconciliation between Gunnar and Scarlett Clare Bowen? We can't deny that the magic is there when they sing or when they write or perform together," he says.

Will Lexington [Nashville] - Aftermath [4x10]

Will's ex, Zach, will also have an impact on one of the darker storylines this season. It was only a matter of time before Rayna Jaymes' Connie Britton youngest daughter was bitten by the showbiz bug. But, not to worry, the Stella sisters will still be singing together in full force. But it's Maddie's love life that takes center stage at the top of the season with the introduction of a new character, pop phenom Jonah Ford, played by Nic Luken.

‘Nashville’ Star Chris Carmack Previews the End of Will Lexington’s Story – TV Insider

It's just a lot different than what she knows She gets kind of brought into that whole party scene. So, how will papa Deacon deal with his daughter's new beau? So now he's just trying to say his piece when he can" "The thing about this kid, he's not just a regular guy, he's incredibly famous," Esten continues.

It would have been very easy for Deacon to curl up in a ball and give up [after Rayna's death]," he says. When his father visits he has to hide his true nature since his father is homophobic but when Will holds a press conference he finally has the courage to come out.

will lexington relationship nashville tv show

Their friendship soon turns into a romantic relationship although Will is facing heavy criticism from the media for coming out. He goes on a television show and calls out the host for her anti-gay views, gaining the admiration of the gay community. Season Five Although his father initially disowns his son they make amends when Will's mother dies.

He continually has to defend himself in the media and resumes his relationship with Kevin Bicks which ends once again when he does not want to move in with him.

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He also tries to make it as an independent artist after leaving Luke's label. He moves on from the heartbreak of splitting from his first true love when he meets entrepreneur Zach Welles, who is helping Rayna get Highway 65 back off the ground. They eventually become an item but following Rayna's death Zach attempts to shake up the label for his own personal gain and they eventually break up.

Season Six Will finds getting over their relationship to be harder than he thought, especially since he discovers Zach is in a new relationship.

Will Lexington

He has a fling with a guy he meets at the gym and starts abusing steriods when he learns he cannot perform sexually. When he, Avery and Gunnar form a new band a suggestion is made that they find a female singer to complete the lineup. They eventually find a singer-songwriter named Alannahwho ends up being the main focus of the band that tension soon arises. His continuing abuse of steroids culminates in him collapsing during a live television performance with the band.

He is admitted to hospital, having suffered a heart attack and is later discharged, keeping secret the nature of his situation. He is later visited by Zach Welles, who has split from Mark, and Scarlett encourages him to get back to songwriting.

will lexington relationship nashville tv show

Personality Will was a closeted gay man who eventually came to terms with his sexuality.